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Blog Lines???

So am I the only unfortunate soul that is having problems with Bloglines??? I can't get to any of my feeds and I have been trying for weeks. I really do want to come and read all your blogs but I can't remember all my feeds. :0( Am I alone in this peril or what???


  1. I'm not sure exactly what bloglines are, but I do hear of others having problems with theirs. I just keep all of my favorite blogs in my favorite file under a folder I named Favorite Blogs. I keep my "Favorite Blogs" folder open until I've finished reading. They're in alphabetical order and I just go down the list until I'm finished. Never any problems. LOL

  2. Good idea
    Bloglines automatically updates and shows if the the blog has been updated or now so you don't have to go if they haven't updated.
    It's good when it works.

  3. Hmmm, I haven't had a problem with it recently. Have you thought of starting a new bloglines account?

  4. I stopped using bloglines because I found that I wasn't hardly commenting on anyone's blogs and what's the fun of blogging without commenting?! (o: I do what Kristi does.

  5. Tori, this happened to me a while ago. Bloglines just quit working for a few days, and then it started working again one day. No idea why though.

    You can submit a trouble ticket to them....but they take quite a while to respond........

    (and that's how I read your blog too.....Bloglines....)


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