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Yep, it's me!

Goodness have I been gone a long time or what??? Over the last few weeks we've driven more than 2000 kilometers and seen way too much.

It's really nice to have guests from the states but when they are back to back it gets a little tiring. We did have a wonderful time over the last several weeks and I took lots of pictures. I'm going to downsize them later and post some.

We started school a few weeks ago only to have the guests come. It set us back a bit but things are back in swing now. This year we have a 9th grader, yea a 9th grader, I'm shocked too!! :0) Then we 6th and 4th graders, our plate is a bit full this year, hey it would be full with only the Algebra. Did I tell y'all that I stink at Algebra??

Oh yea one more thing...Thanks Ladies for all the sweet e-mails letting me know I was missed and wondering how we are, that means a whole bunch to me! Y'all are just way too cool!!!

Well I got this death notice this morning from a friend and thought I would share it. The latest victim of the EColi outbreak! Very sad!


  1. So glad that you're back, I was beginnig to wonder....Hope the fellowship was sweet and restful!
    I missed you!

  2. You've been missed, Tori!

  3. That's a hilarious picture. I've been checking your blog everyday since the MIA post. LOL Glad to see you're back. And you and I are in the same boat with Algebra, Sis!! My ninth grader and I are drudging through it. What curriculum do you use for Math? I know you said one time, but I forget now.


  4. You're a NUT, Tori!!! Glad you're back! I missed your humor!!!

  5. Hey Tori!

    It is soo good to see you posting again....I have been checking in...You sure have been busy!! I can't wait to see pictures.

    Oh and I am enjoying my 1st grader and Kindergartener while I can...I don't want to even think about Algebra! I guess I am blessed though because Drew (my hubby) is a whiz at all math! WOO HOO FOR ME!

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I'm so glad you are back Sis!!! It was a long time being away. But I still checked on your every day!! You were sure missed. Oh yeah....sniff, sniff...I can't believe Popeye is gone now!! :(

    Oh yeah...and I have two 12 graders this year....and I love algebra!! With all the sickness in our house we had to take a few weeks off but we school year round in order to allow for times like these. I sure hope all that is over now!!

  7. popeye, that's hilarious!
    Welcome back!

  8. Love it Tori! Glad you're back! D

  9. That death notice made my day! Woo Hoo! How funny!


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