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Ranting for a While!

Okay so this isn't one of those feel good posts, this is a "I'm MAD" post.
Thursday last week, while Johnny and I were out for coffee we got a call. Our son said that Hannah our 8 year old broke a plate and cut her foot pretty bad. We were only in town, not even a 3 minute drive home. We left our coffee and cake and headed home. Sure enough, Hannah had a pretty bad cut and what looked to be glass still in her foot. So in the pouring rain Dad carried Hannah and we headed for the emergency room. We got in pretty fast and they cleaned the wound and said it was fine and to see our family Dr. the next day. I told them it seemed like there was still glass in the foot because of a very hard ridge running across her heal. "No, it's nothing", they said.
The next day we went to the Dr. and she said it was fine and to stay off it. I mentioned the possibility of glass in it and she said it was nothing and it would go away.
Okay so Hannah dealt with the wound all week end. On Monday I took her to the Dr. and told the Dr. that I still thought there was glass in her heal. She told me it was nothing and it would go down. We left for Budapest for the 4th of July. Hannah played all day and really didn't have too much pain. After returning home I took Hannah back to the Dr. (yes we went this many times, it's Croatia ya know) and after the Dr. looking at the wound I told her I was sure there had to be something in it. She began to push on the protruding flesh and sure enough through the skin on the other end we could see white, the white of the dinner plate that was broke.
Yep, I told them, ump-thousand times. Come on now, I'm not even a nurse much less a Dr. and I knew the first day. So we headed to the hospital to have the piece removed. The Dr. was very nice, (surprise, surprise!) and got us right in. After a few minutes of tears he removed a piece of glass half the diameter of a pencil and an inch long.
This is probably the one thing here in Croatia that really tries my patience. They are so behind in the medical field, I'm talking about literally practicing, they are so uneducated.
So anyway, I don't know what I accomplished by telling you guys this but I feel so much better.
Yea and I'm thinking about going into private medical practice here in Croatia, it's about time they upgrade there quality!


  1. OH, that is so sad. Poor Hannah! Dealing with medical issues in a different country is not very fun. Hope she's feeling better now...and you too, after your rant. :o)

  2. Oh, poor Hannah. Bless her heart. How sad that she had to go so long with that in her foot. And how sad that Mom knew and couldn't do anything about it because no one was listening. :( I'm glad it's out now, though. Praise the Lord there was no infection!

  3. Ugh. I cringed just reading this post. One thing I picked up from this post is we need to pray for more missionary doctors in other countries :-)

    So sorry you and Hannah went through this. What a mess!

  4. Ow!!! I have always wondered how I would handle medical needs in another country.

    I'm glad they finally got the glass out, though.

  5. Poor Hannah! I just don't understand why they wouldn't investigate further?! Seems strange but I'm glad she ended up being ok.

  6. Ack! When I got to the 1 inch long part I gasped! How awful for Hannah to have to walk on that all weekend!! I'm glad she is doing better and I will pray her foot heals very quickly.

  7. To me that is absolutely rediculous, probably would not have hurt as badly if they would have looked at it and taken it out right away! Poor little girl, sending big hugs!! Not to mention prayers for the citizens of these countries and the medical response!

  8. Glad everything turned out ok. Mother's intuition is always right. We had a similiar thing happen to us a few years ago and it was a broke bone, that took 3 visits too to convince them that it had to be broken. And that was in the states...mother's intuition, I tell ya!

  9. I am so glad your daughter finally has the glass out of her foot. That sounds very painful.

  10. Aww..I am so glad your daughter was able to ge that glass out of her foot and the Doctors really listen to you..Sometime you just want to shake the Doctors and tell them Listen to me I am the mother..LOL.Praying for fast healing..

  11. What an ordeal! I'm so glad that she did not get an infection! Mommys do have a sixth sense when it comes to their children--

    Mrs. C

  12. Thanks Ladies,
    I know now that I'm not just an overly protective Mom or an angry consumer. We head to the hospital again today for a check up, watching out for infection. At least they are watching now.

  13. It stinks, but even here in the states they have made grave errors with my children. I normally self diagnose my children somehow with the help of the Lord and the internet, and then I go in to the doctor telling them what I think they have. I hope she is feeling better. She is a trooper.


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