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Happy 56th Birthday Mom!

Well the 5th of July was my Mom's birthday, she's officially 56 years young. *Ü* I'm going to try to list 56 things about my Mom. Here goes...

She is...

  1. named Deborah Jolynn
  2. adopted
  3. a mother to 3
  4. brown eyed, like me! *Ü*
  5. an only child
  6. married to John
  7. able to paint really well
  8. a people person
  9. 5'5 inches tall
  10. really good with animales
  11. a great bargin hunter
  12. very casual
  13. nuts about chickens
  14. a wonderful cook
  15. a size 8 shoe
  16. very strong
  17. sick with MS
  18. step mother to Kalee
  19. multi-talented
  20. jolly
  21. simple
  22. a wonderful gardner
  23. fond of loafers
  24. crazy about Diet Dr. Pepper
  25. grandmother to 5
  26. a yard sale gal
  27. not fond of dresses
  28. an older version of me *Ü*
  29. a bit computer illiterate
  30. a good decorator
  31. gray haired
  32. mom to my baby brother (30 years old)
  33. x-owner to two quarter horses
  34. Rosie's best friend
  35. not fussy
  36. widowed and remarried
  37. fond of the color yellow
  38. a wisteria fan
  39. the best cinnamon roll cook
  40. a July baby
  41. a Daddy's girl
  42. a Christian
  43. faithful
  44. or was the love of Dad's life
  45. dealing with rhumatory arthritis
  46. the mother of two deceased daughters
  47. grandmother to two beautiful, married young ladies
  48. is expecting her first great grandchild
  49. a lover of dogs
  50. an x cosmotologist
  51. just a bit country
  52. not a reader
  53. very fond of Poncho's Mexican Buffet
  54. able to drive just about anything
  55. is very crafty
  56. my Mom and I love her and thank God for her.


  1. Happy Birthday to Tori's mom!! What a wonderful lady!

  2. What a nice tribute to your Mom, Tori.



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