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5 OUT OF THE ORDINARY blessings:

Thanks to Tami over at Time with Tami for the idea.

Okay so here are my 5 OUT OF THE ORDINARY blessings:

  1. A wonderful husband who doesn't mind when the house is a mess.
  2. A box full of different Jello Pudding and Jello from the states sent to me by a special friend.
  3. My almost 14 year old who loves to cuddle with Mom.
  4. My worn Bible with pictures of my family in the front cover.
  5. An almost finished blue jean quilt made from my kids jeans.


  1. Oh, Tori! The quilt is a "must see!" Can you take a picture of it for us???? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE???



  2. Sure Kristi, but like I said, it's not finished. I need to bind the edges of it. But I'll take a picture and get it up soon.

  3. That is so sweet about your son.

    Looking forward to seeing the quilt. :)


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