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Happy 9th Birthday Hannah!

My Hannah Girl is now 9, well not officially until noon. My midwife handed her to Johnny right at noon. She was the smallest of our 3 and the most stubborn about being born.

Hannah has brought nothing but laughs and love to out lives. She is so colorful and fun to be around. Because she has been homeschooled her entire little life she has developed her own personality as opposed the all the Brittany Spears clones walking the halls of most public schools. She doesn't mind not being in style or looking different from the other kids. She loves to dress up and do "lady" things.

Hannah was saved right after family devotion one night, when she stopped Dad and asked why she couldn't be saved too, she was 5.

We walked to town yesterday to do some birthday shopping. We tried on lots of shoes, (she loves shoes like me!) looked at things we really knew we wouldn't buy, but we could still look because we had no men with us. *Ü*

I asked Hannah if there was anything in particular she was wanting for her birthday and she said a sewing maching. *Ü* Well I couldn't deliver the machine but I bought the cutest 3 tier box with drawers and filed it with all sorts of sewing supplies. Then yesterday she picked out some material to start her sewing stash with. She picked out a bright pinkish red with huge hippy flowers and a very simple white linen sorta blend with little green flowers. She's a colorful child I told ya.

We walked through the square holding hands and she stopped and looked at me and said, "These are my best times mom, when we're together." Isn't that sweet. My heart melted. I pray I can always keep her heart and that she will never stray from home or from the Love for God we have tried to teach her. I pray for a Godly husband for her, one that will be affectionate and adore her like we do. *Ü*

Happy Birthday Nana, we love you!!!!


  1. Oh special!


    And you're so right about the homeschooling thing. I actually LOL at the people that ask 'What about socialization?' The homeschooled kids I've known are way better socialized than most public school kids I've known. They tend to be like you said, more themselves and individuals with hearts towards their families instead of clones trying desparately to fit in and willing to do anything to try to.

    Good for you!

  2. I was just passing through and found your site...that is SO sweet!
    My oldest just turned seven this past week and I can relate to how special the mother\daughter bond can be.
    We home school also- this last year was my first year and we loved it.
    I enjoyed reading your post and I'm bookmarking you. :) Please feel free to stop by my new blog any time!

  3. Happy birthday to Hannah!!!

    What a sweet post!!

  4. YAY!! It sounds like you both had a very special day. I know what you mean. I also have homeschooled my children from the start, and I love the fact that my daughters have their own style, and they aren't following their peers. I think that's why I want to start sewing, being that they are so into wearing nice long dresses/skirts, I want to encourage it as much as I can. You are doing a great job with her, keep it up.

  5. Tori,

    That is so sweet. Happy Birthday Hannah!


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