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River Pix!

Okat so Blogger no longer loves me and is being very selfish with it's space. After fighting with it and the HTML I decided to go this route, Praying it works! :0)


  1. O.K., that was waaaayy too cool! I'm seeing these all over the blogs. For the technologically-challenged such as myself I'll have to stick with plain old boring photots! LOL

    Your family is beautiful, thanks for putting that together.

    Is your dog a Golden?

  2. Those are great, Tori!! Your kids are getting so big!

    I'm taking a college class in HTML/Web Development this fall and maybe I can learn to do cool stuff, too!

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    You are so web savvy!

  4. I really loved the slideshow. How COOL! I saved the host to my favorites and the next time I take pictures, I'll have to try it out.

    Looks like y'all had a GREAT time!


  5. What a neat way to post pictures! The pictures are great!

  6. Yes KD is full blood Golden but she is the lighter almost white colored kind. She's the best dog we've ever had. We all love her.

  7. Tori,

    You're kids are so cute. I love the slide show.


  8. so how did you ever do that? I love it!

  9. What more can I say? That was so cool! Next time you're passing through Chile, stop by and teach me computer stuff! LOL



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