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Way too hot to cook!

I woke up this morning in a sweat. Summer has officially come to Croatia. While it doesn't stay long while it's here it's miserable.

Air conditioners are just now arriving in Croatia. Europe as a whole doesn't do many ACs but as the climate is changing they are catching on to what we in the states have done for decades. Fire up the ACs.

So I said all that to talk about lunch today. I was thinking what I could make that wouldn't require too much cooking. So I settled on chicken salad, fresh Croatian salad and fruitty jello. Our family doesn't normally do cold dinners but today we're going to. I'm also looking for some fresh ideas for the Old Crock.

Well I'm heading to the powder room to freshen up the make up that has slid down onto my neck from the heat!
Enough complaining, Praise God for the Sun!!! :o)

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