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A Day at the Drava

Okay so we headed out to the river, it was hot but there was a nice fresh breeze. The birds were signing and the day was perfect. We all had high hopes for our day as fishermen.

The river was lovely. The Drava Rive runs out of the Alps and into the Black Sea, it's very cold right now.

We drove for a while to find the perfect place to fish. We noticed a little dirt road we had never seen so we set out to check it out. BAD MOVE! We got to the end of the dirt road only to find the road blocked off. Johnny put the van in reverse and backed up the hill when the tires started spinning. Now so you know this is like miles and miles from civilization. One could die out there! :o) Finally, Johnny being the smart man he is, lined the van up just right and gunned it in reverse and hit that hill at full throttle. We made it, took out a few trees in the process but we made it.

Finally at the fishing spot we opened the door of the van to unload and off KD went to test out the water. She loves the water.

I'm sure her presence in the river didn't help our fishing either. It was difficult to keep her out but after some persuasion she stayed out of the river, or at least the part we were fishing. :o)

I love this picture of Hannah, It was an accident but it turned out great. I love off center photos.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day!

    Tori, you are **EXCELLENT** at photography!

  2. Anonymous3:10 PM

    That's a pretty river.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures!! All of them!!!

  4. your littl girl is so cute!


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