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To Do Tuesday

Hey Guys! It's Tuesday again and I'm here for To Do Tuesday! Woohoo! 

We have had the most amazing weather lately. It's almost mid-November and it should be cold and white here already. I'm not complaining at all but it's a little crazy. I put up all the patio furniture a month or so ago and got it all out again yesterday. The longer I can use that patio and sit in the sun the better mood I'm gonna be in. Anyhow, I'm gonna take advantage of the weather and prepare some flowerbeds for the Spring. 

1. Prepare flowerbeds for Spring planting. I found this great tutorial here at Canadian Gardening and I've been saving up my newspapers. It seems so easy and I'm hoping it works out just like they say. No, I'm not naive but hopeful. 
Basically it's just a matter of layering paper, mulch and dirt and the idea is that by Spring all the grass below has died out and it's ready to plant. Since I hate pulling weeds, I'm gonna give it a try. 

2. Make some Christmas gifts for the kiddos in church. I'm obsessed with crocheting lately, can't get enough. I am not only starting lots of projects but, wait for it.......I'm finishing them too!! What! 

Yep, I finished this one yesterday for my sweet Nan. She loves Minions. 
Anyhoo, I want to make some Ninja Turtle hats for four of the boys in church. 
Oh yea and before I can do that I have to find a yard store that has green yarn. It's like a treasure hunt here to find basic yarn. 

Johnny's at Bible Translation Project and I have the whole house to myself till noon so I'm gonna take full advantage of it. Gonna get some girlly things done while he's gone. I love the "me" time, not that I don't always have access to "me" time now that we're empty nesters. I just prefer to pluck, color, shave and any other of those sorts of unseemly things while he's not here. I'd rather he think I'm naturally this smooth. HA!

Anyhoo, Happy tuesday Y'all!!


  1. Giggling over your "me" time...I do believe they think we are naturally lovely and beautiful.---Thanks for the smiles...have a lovely day, friend.

  2. What a cute hat!! And we have done the newspaper and mulch works pretty well. I use it in my flower beds to keep down the weeds after I plant! And LOL...some things you do like to have privacy for!! Men will never know the lengths we go to will they?

  3. What a cute hat! I've not been crocheting for a few weeks. I crocheted so many scarves for Chritmas gifts that I decided to take a break. Enjoy your me time.

  4. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I just might have to make that hat...

  5. Love that Minion hat - so cute.

    I love the garden idea, too. I don't garden, but if I did, I would certainly give this a try.

    I didn't see a place to link up, but here is a link to my To-Do Tuesday:

  6. LOL That cracked me up. The hat looks good!

  7. The newspaper does work. Have used it for years and it sure helps cut down on weeks. You are so smart....I have trouble threading a needle!

  8. Your minion cap is just so cute and happy looking - makes me smile :)

  9. I saw some of your creations on're an amazing crocheter! Love the minion hat and especially the little bunny you posted over there!

  10. Momma-in-law used to do the newspaper trick in her garden to keep down weeds and it totally worked!!!

  11. LOL, beauty is sometimes a pain isn't it? Men will never "get" what we go through to look good for them! (But I guess as long as they enjoy it, that's what matters haha)
    Love the minion hat!!


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