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Nov 5, 2015

My Missionary "Dom" Tour Part 4, the super-room

Wow, I seriously needed that little bloggy break. I spent the time finishing some UFOs and talking in the amazing Fall colors. Break finished and so I'm back! I missed you all!

So remember I told you I was taking out daughter's room and turning it into my super room. Well I'm well on my way to being finished with it. 

I took this these photos of Nan's room after she was all packed up to go to college Stateside so it looks a mess but it's a great before photo. 

It was strange to pack up all her stuff and watch her decided what she was leaving behind. One thing about being a missionary, it leaves very little room for love of "things". 

So Johnny and I took down the bed and moved the closet into our dressing room and started with an almost clean slate. 

The first thing Johnny did was to add this long counter top to be used as a desk. I love the size of it cause I can have several little stations along the way. I love not having to pack up my stuff junk to change projects. Plus after putting a skirt on the counter top I realized I can hide a multitude of junk under there. 

I used a lot of random yarn I had lying around to make a crocheted valance for the window. It's a good thing I like pink since Hannah's custom blind was pink. Hey even if I didn't like pink I'd learn to. 

We used Nan's old dresser to house all the paper and supplies for the Silhouette and printers. It's seriously nice to have everything corralled in one area.  

I also love having a designated place to read some of my favorite blogs. 

On the other wall I used some of Nan's old furniture to set up a sewing desk and a place for the wifi printer. BTW, can I just stop and say how amazing wifi printers are. Seriously, I can print from any device from anywhere in the house. Very cool!

I love being able to hang some art that Nan painted when she was little. I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I look at those paintings. 

Johnny made me a cutting table to finish off my little room. It's just the right size for the cutting mat and as soon as I skirt it I'll be able to hide Zoi's bed and my stash under there. 

I loved making the art for my walls. Some of it I pinched but most of it was mine. I tried to include Scripture too since you can never get too much of God's Word.  

BTW, can you see how much I love colors? Hey rainbow is my all time favorite color! Colors make me happy, make me smile. Who doesn't love to smile?

I am amazed how much more I can get done when all my stuff is easy to find and I have places to work. I seriously miss Hannah more than I ever thought I would but having my own super-room lessens the pain a little. 

I'm not finished but at least my little room is usable and loved. 

If you'd like to see some of the posts from my tour you can check them out here. 

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  1. Beautiful Tori!!! Thanks for sharing...Blessings

  2. Great job, Tori! So nice to have a room with all the things you use close at hand. I love the sewing table. I use a card table right now and would love something a bit more stable. I love the art work on the wall.

  3. Tori if I had a room like that I would never come out!! But I would miss my comfy armchair/recliner where I read my blogs every morning.:) We still do not have a wifi printer and it sounds as if we really need one!!

  4. Anonymous6:53 AM


  5. This turned out to be a very nice (exciting) room! I love the brightness of the colors! :)

  6. What a cozy and inspiring place in which to work! I know what you mean about how nice it is to have space to have stuff set up to use at any time. We love wi-fi printers, too.

  7. Tori, I love your super room! So colorful and I love the fabric skirting your counter-top. I could spend all day in a place like that.

    Love that your laptop is opened to my blog! *wink

  8. Great transformation and so nice to have lots of work stations. Great storage too. My favorite part is the crochet valance! Love the colors and the pattern.

  9. Super-cute! What a great way to maximize space.

  10. It's lovely! I especially love the valance. :)

  11. I love everything about this!!!!! So so so cute. Could you swing by TN and decorate a room in my house?

  12. I love how you've used and re-used pieces of furniture to suit your current needs. The colorful skirting is brilliant.

  13. Glad you enjoyed your little break. I like the valance, it is different and colorful. I hope you are settling in and getting used to empty nesting.


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