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Nov 6, 2015

INSTAFriday #12

I seriously say this absolutely every Friday but I can't believe it's Friday already. Can you guys believe that we only have 48 days, 13 hours, 55 minutes and as of the time of this post 56 seconds till Christmas! What? How did that happen? 

Croatia has been unseasonably warm this year so Johnny and I took some time to go to the driving range. It was fun but more so it was amazingly beautiful. I am in love with the colors this year. 

Oh guess what I'm making? A crocheted rug for my super-room. I had some old sheets a friend gave me and so I ripped those suckers up and starting stitching. I can't wait to show you the finished project. You can find a tute here

Zoi, is so funny. She thinks she's a cat and insists on sleeping on the back of the couch. 

I finally finished a special little blankie for a special delivery coming in January. I love how it turned out. I used a tutorial from Yolanda Soto Lopez, so easy and it works up pretty quick. 

Did I tell you how much I love Fall?

My feed was full of trees, I couldn't get enough. 

The only thing that made the amazing Fall colors better is that I got to experience it with the love of my life. 

Oh I have to say how excited I am that our Mueller has yarn now!! Not just yarn but cheap yarn. They're small skeins but they are only 7 kuna which is about a buck! Can't beat that. 

It's been so warm here that there have been lots of bugs going around and sadly my baby love caught one. I thought it was adorable that Zoi was watching over him while he slept. So sweet. 

Finally, I post a lot of Scripture on my feed. This one really spoke to me. Absolutely everything you need to know to succeed in life. 

Anyhoo, there's my INSTAFriday post for this first week in November.
Can't wait to see yours!


  1. Wow, it seems like you and our host, Deb are experiencing very warm weather for the season. I've definitely been feeling the chill but have been blessed with more sunshine than I expected. That is always a bonus. Lovely scenery where you are.

  2. Beautiful photos....poor Johnny--hope he gets to feeling better, smiles. Thanks for sharing...Blessings to you.

  3. Love the fall photos! Absolutely stunning!!

  4. Oh my...gorgeous pictures of fall. Thanks for the link to make the rug. I want one for my craft room!!! And, thanks for linking up. HOPE you have a great weekend!!

  5. The color there is amazing Tori. Our trees are just flaunting their colors this week but sadly rain and wind is coming so I guess the autumn leaves will fall!! Hope your hubby is feeling better and I Love that beautiful blanket...stitched with love for that precious little one.

  6. Beautiful fall colors! The pink and white blanket is just gorgeous. Some lucky little one is going to be all cuddled in it. I hope Johnny is feeling better. Flu bugs are the pits. Great deals on yarn. Have a blessed day.

  7. The colors here in TN are very pretty right now, too. I love all the golds, oranges, and reds! That golf course pic is so nice. You should submit it to something. Lol Lots of "junk" going around here, too. So far, other than my cough, we've been pretty healthy.

  8. So beautiful! Completely jealous!

  9. What glorious colors!

    Hope Johnny is on the mend.

  10. Beautiful scenery! It's been unseasonably warm here, too. Hope your husband feels better soon - sweet that the dog is keeping watch.

  11. What a beautiful fall you are having!

  12. Gorgeous fall pictures, but the yarn! Oh how heavenly

  13. I enjoy your pics. It is a good way to geet to know you better and Croatia too. I know someone who has started deputation to go to Croatia....Brad and Connie Lowery. We were surprised when we found out they had resigned the church in Edmond OK and were going to Croatia as missionaries.

    1. Tammy, we know the Lowries! They were here before they became missionaries. They're good friends and will be attending our church on Sunday's.

  14. wonderful tell them Bob and Tammy Elfrink said hello and we are praying for them!

  15. Ah, lovely autumn colors in your area! I just cannot get enough of the beautiful leaves...Zoi is a cutie:)
    Blessings, Aimee


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