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Oct 20, 2015

To Do Tuesday

Tuesday again! I know I say that every Tuesday but every Tuesday I'm surprised shocked that it's already Tuesday again. I actually remember being a teen and telling my mother that I was bored. I would complain about how long the days were and she'd say, "The older you get the faster the days will pass.". At the time I didn't believe her but I'm here to tell you, Mama was right on. 

Okay so I'm trying something new this week. I'm actually finishing some of the stuff on my list! I know you're shocked to see this fabric actually on a pilllow but I did it! I know it's been on my list since back in August but not any more! It's done! Checked off! Marked through! Finito!

I actually only have two things on my list this week because I was super busy yesterday and I did most of the stuff I needed to for Gypsy church. So I don't even have to list those, actually it would be good if I did then I could check them off and that'd look really good for me. Ha!

  I while back my honey-man got me a new Bible. It's a beautiful, burgundy Church Bible and it's wonderful. It smells just like a brand new pair of Justin  boots! ❤ Anyhoo, it's not a study Bible it's just the Word of God with no additions. I have had a Scoffield for years and loved all most of the notes and helps. Even through I love my new Bible I miss the notes and references of the old one.
So the other day while rummaging through a drawer I found this one. It was our middle son's Bible and he hardly used it. It's a Rock of Ages Prison Ministry Study Bible and I love it! It is used a little but not much. Apparently he stopped using it because the cover fell off but it's perfectly intact inside and has some great notes.

 Okay so why is it on my to do list for today? Cause it's nude! It needs a little coverin' up so I'm gonna make a Bible cover for it. See, there was a point to all that rambling.

Finally, last on my list for this week; enjoy today and tomorrow in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and the theater tonight. My honey-man booked us a room and got us tickets to see Anna Karenina. Not sure about the story, something about Russian royalty, we'll see. I'm just looking forward to a little get away after being cooped up for 2 weeks of strait rain. I'm glad the sun is deciding to come and visit us today because I was getting ready to order some Gopher wood!

Okay now it's your turn! Link up so we can all come and check out your to to lists and get motivated to make our own.


  1. I hope you enjoy your looks beautiful! Thanks for inviting me to your link up!

  2. Beautiful photos...hope you have a lovely time. Zagreb is where my grandfather is from. Blessings

  3. Tori, those pillows are beautiful and so cheery!! Have fun at Anna Karenina. Believe it or not I have never seen Doctor Zhivago, the move about Anna. I know you will enjoy your time away!!

  4. The pillows look nice and cheery! Have fun at the theater! I've not read AK but am thinking about it for next year.

  5. Your pillows are so did a great job. We are in the midst of our annual missionary conference and Jim and I are loving every minute of it. We support H.E.L.P Ministries and the gentlemen that are here this week are from all over the world. I immediately thought of you. It will be exciting to see what cover you put on the Bible.

  6. Enjoy your time away! I don't know anything about Anna Katrina so you can fill us in. Lovely pillow!

  7. My goodness, that last pic is GORGEOUS! Pillows look great, too. :)

  8. The pillows look great. HOPE you have a great time on your little get-a-way. So wish I could do that with my hubby sometime....the SOONER the BETTER!!!

  9. Tori, your pillows are so nice! I hope you have fun on your date to the capital and I'm looking forward to seeing your Bible cover.

  10. Have a great time! That building is beautiful!


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