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Oct 23, 2015

INSTAFriday #11

We have a new little one in our church due to arrive in 
January. She's gonna be super-loved by us all. The sweet couple in our church is naming her Hannah after our daughter. What an amazing honor!

 So, after a long year and half of eating entirely low carb I've decided to give low-cal a go. I need something to change things up a bit. Johnny's at his goal and has maintained for over a year but I've still got some to go. So, I cooked up some Italian chick and rice with veggies and popped those suckers in the freezer. Today, i'm going to make 4 more pasta meals. 

Okay so I just thought this was funny. I didn't even notice the Hepher's daughter Milcah! HA! 

I'm missing my Nana girl lots lately. I love being able to look up and see her smiling face. 

I can't believe I have a son old enough to be a father. How did that happen. It seems like yesterday he was a toddler and now he's a man. 23 years sure pass fast.  

What's the opposite of drought? Yep, that's what's been going on here. It's been so rainy. I was glad to see that it was sunny on our son's 23rd birthday. 

Okay so Johnny and I recently took a trip to the hardware store and I was mesmerized by these toilet seats. Yes, toilet seats! Are they not the most amazing things!

Love this one the most. Although I think if we had those in our bathrooms we'd spend way more time in there than we already do. :0) 

Okay lovies, that's my INSTAFriday for October 23rd, 2015. I'm gonna add the link-up for those who want to participate. BTW, make sure you add your name to the link-up so we can find you!


  1. Interesting toilet seats! The funniest I ever saw had what looked like blue gel in it with plastic fishies.

    Happy birthday to your son!

  2. Cold and glad you have lots of things to brighten your day! We are having pretty fall weather here. Tomorrow I plan to put my flower garden to bed for the winter.

  3. Thanks for the smiles--your son is very handsome-Happy Birthday!....those toilet seats are quite nice. Blessings

  4. Personally, I think there are a lot of Biblical names that are funny! Your meal looks so good. Quite a fancy toilet seat! Loved your instagram tour today! Have a blessed weekend. Oh, and happy birthday to Cody. My first born's - Jim was on the 15th.


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