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A Thoughtful Gift

The other day I walked to the mailbox expecting my normal store circulars and maybe a phone bill and I was pleasantly surprised by a package from Spain. Olé!! But wait, there's more! It was addressed to....wait for it....ME! We don't often get mail from outside of Croatia so this was very exciting. 

My new friend Lou Ann from In the Way blog sent me one of her books! Are you kidding! And not only did she send me one of her sweet books she also signed it to me! I feel so cool to know the author of a book. So who is Lou Ann? Glad you asked. 

Lou Ann Keiser is a pastor's wife, mother of two married children, and grandmother who lives in a quaint little village in Europe. Her thirty years of ministry to women urged her to compile biblical counsel in her debut book, His Ways, Your Walk. Lou Ann's great loves are: her Lord, the Bible, her family, nature, art, and music. She is an avid reader and blogger.

The one thing her bio didn't say is that she's been a missionary in Spain for 30 years. Anyhoo, the book is called His Ways, Your Walk and it's a Bible application book for women. 

A biblical manual for women of all ages. This book helps you make the connection between the key Bible passages for women and your own Christian experience. It helps you see what the Bible says about the Christian life. Enjoy finding out how you can walk in God's ways!
Clearly, as with any book you read, you'll find somethings you strongly agree with and some that maybe you don't but the important thing to remember is that there are gems to be had. The only book that we will ever agree with 100% is the one we write. I haven't finished the book but I know it's gonna be a blessing. 

You can purchase His Ways, Your Walk through Amazon. Be sure to check out In the Way blog, Lou Ann, has some great posts and she's a wonderful writer. 

The above quotes were taken from Lou Ann's bio and book description on Amazon. 



  1. It is always a blessing to find something special in our mail isn't it? I love that, too.

    Thank you, Tori, for sharing about the book. I want to give it a look!

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  2. What a wonderful blessing!!

  3. Sounds like an interesting book and anyone who has served 30 years on the field has something to say I am sure!! How fun to get a package in the mail...always makes my day!! I will check out her blog as well. Thanks for the suggestion Tori!!

  4. What a wonderful blessing to receive in the mail! I've bookmarked Lou Ann's site and will visit later. I hope you write a little review after you read the book! God bless.

  5. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Here is a laugh: my friend of years sent me a signed copy of her book...and I knocked it off the counter and into the toilet.! She laughed at me!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful book!


  7. Surprise gifts are so much fun! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.

  8. I love surprises like that.


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