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WTG! Monday and just random stuff

Okay so it's Monday again! Where is the time going to so fast? Today is WTG! Monday but I'll get to that in a sec. 
We are getting ready to spend April and May in Texas and there's tons to do to get ready to go. 
1. My house is going to be "hotel" spotless before we leave. I wanna come back home to Croatia and our home and be able to breathe a little and just relax in a comfy home that needs very little cleaning. 
2. Gotta get Josh's graduation stuff ready. Invitations, cap and gown and class photos. 
3. Gotta buy goodies to take home to our loved ones. 
4. Take the dog to have her groomed.
5. Take me to have me groomed. 
6. Get all the church responsibilities taken care of. 
7. Prune all the blackberry and Raspberry bushes. 
8. Clean out Josh's room and get all his things ready for his big move back to the States. 

BTW, can I just tell you that it's so much harder losing Josh than it was with Cody. At least with Cody I didn't have to completely clean the room out and I still had Josh around the house  Now I'm completely cleaning Josh's room out and it hurts. I find myself feeling very depressed about the whole thing. We kept Cody with us till he was almost 19 and Josh is not even 18 yet. Let me tell you it stinks super-stinks!

Oh yea and how strange it's gonna be to have only one child. Josh and Hannah spend so much time together that it's gonna be super hard for Hannah to be without Josh. Not only that, Johnny and I'll have to be very aware of spending lots of time with Hannah. We will be all she has here and that could be hard, at least I have Johnny. 

You know I've been dreaming so much lately about seeing Cody. It's been almost a year and a half since I've seen my firstborn. It's hard to go so long without hugging your kid, sadly I'm starting to relate to parents who complain about never seeing their grown-up kids, even if our situation is a little different it still hurts. So I'm tickled about seeing him and I can't wait for a big hug. 

On the weight loss front, It's going even if it's not going super fast. So for my 11th week weigh-in I'm down 1.4 lbs. It's not awesome but it's alright. I'm almost positive that I'm not going to make my goal of 30 lbs down by launch date but I'm still pretty proud of losing 24 lbs in 11 weeks. 

So with only two weigh-ins left before we leave I need to lost another 6 lbs. Can I do it? Oh yea I'm sure I can! Will I do it? We'll see!

How'd you do?



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. I'm a work in progress, and encouragement sure helps!

  2. Great job on the weight loss! And I feel your pain about the loss of kids and waiting so long to see your child and hug them. Went a year with Jenny in Seattle 2000 miles away. Now Johnny is in Texas 10 hours away! He just got married Saturday! It was a precious ceremony!

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  3. It's so easy for me to forget the sacrifices of missionaries. It is a blessing what you are doing. I'm praying God will make your time in the states with your boys wonderful! I love reading your posts.

    1. Stephanie,
      Thank you so much for the sweet words. Really we face the same heartaches as you we just deal with bigger distances. BTW, the baby is adorable!

  4. I can't imagine how it feels. I don't like when my kids are at my inlaws and I am 45 minutes away... Bless your heart. YAY on the weight loss too.. losing weight is not as easy as putting it on so.. you go girl

    1. Kristy,
      It actually is crazy. There are so many emotions involved with kids leaving the nest that it's confusing. You're excited for your children to be doing what they should, you're excited that they get to live life and experience life but then you're scared to death. Without my watchful eye, how are they going to survive? Anyhow, I'm trying to manage all my feelings and still keep a happy spirit for him.

  5. OOOOh, I am NOT looking forward to that day! I guess since my parents had to go through it, I should too...I hope I can do it with the same grace they did.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    1. I'm sure you'll do fine. You'll be dealing with it before you know it, time sure flies. My kids were 2 ,4 and 7 when we came and now our baby girl is almost 16. CRAZY!

  6. Good job on the weight loss and remember that slow and steady WINS the race! I thought Josh was going back to Croatia. Has his medical situation worked itself out. Praying you have time to accomplish all your tasks before the big day.

    1. Kristina,
      Thanks for the encouragement on the weight loss front. the closer i get to 40 the slower the weight comes off. All the rumors were true.
      Josh was coming back with us for several reasons, his health included but it seems like the special diet he is on is lowering his uric acid and he's doing much better. Also we had no peace about which Bible college and now we do. It's silly for him to sit here for another year when he could be in college during that time. Finally, we have some peace about it and he's excited. Glad we waited on God.

  7. Great job on the weight loss! I know you can do it.
    I am feeling your pain on losing the kids, but only because I remember how hard it was to BE the kid leaving. I love my parents so much...anyway, I'm not looking forward to being on the "parental" end of the goodbyes someday.


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