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Preserving Facebook memories, Oh yeah!

Not too long ago I decided to leave Facebook for several reasons I won't waste time telling you about now but I did discover something super-cool. 

Facebook now allows you to download a complete archive of your information. 

So if you ever decide to leave FB and deactivate you can download all the photos, etc. you put on FB and have them to keep. I really liked this feature 'cause I was able to download all the wall photos that i've since deleted from my phone. It's pretty simple too. 

In Facebook
→ go to the Account tab
→ select Account Settings
→ Under the "Settings" tab you'll see "Download your information."
→ Click on "learn more" and you'll go to a page that asks for your password
→ Submit your password and an archive of all your account data will be compiled into a zip file
→ Once it's ready you'll receive and email telling you so and also will receive a link so you can download it. The time it takes to compile your data will vary depending on the contents.

works for me wednesday at we are that family

Hey it's a great way to leave FB and still keep the memories. Works for Me!



  1. Thanks! This will be a great way for me to recover stories about my daughter so I can write them down.


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