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Weight a sec!

Do you realize what today is??? Weigh in #2! I've officially made it through 2 weeks and I am psyched! I've been using My Fitness Pal and I love it! I've been tracking and being so good and I've not taken one moment to cheat.
So with all my bragging done I'm ready to let you in on my success. This week I'm down 46.4 ounces, 1315.42 grams,  0.207143 stones, 1.31 kilos, or 2.9 lbs. 2.9 lbs. is awesome and I'm totally happy with that after losing 5 lbs. last week. So I'm officially down 7.9 lbs but I'm gonna round up to 8. *wink*



  1. you go girlfran! I only do my weigh in like twice a month.. I get obsessive!

  2. Awesome! Way to go!

  3. That's great! You'll probably reach your goal in advance! Yippee!

  4. Well done! Keep up the hard work.

  5. Congrats! You're doing great!
    I love myfitnesspal. Maybe we could be friends on there to encourage each other. :)


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