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Ohio + Autumn = Magical

The name -- of it -- is "Autumn" 
-- by Emily Dickinson
The name -- of it -- is "Autumn" --
The hue -- of it -- is Blood --
An Artery -- upon the Hill --
A Vein -- along the Road --

Great Globules -- in the Alleys --
And Oh, the Shower of Stain --
When Winds -- upset the Basin --
And spill the Scarlet Rain --

It sprinkles Bonnets -- far below --
It gathers ruddy Pools --
Then -- eddies like a Rose -- away --
Upon Vermilion Wheels --

 We are loving the Autumn in Ohio. The colors are amazing and the feeling in the air is a bit magical. I love Autumn! It has almost always been my favorite season. The leaves putting on their color show and the wind helping them to rain down is just incredible. I'm so glad we are getting to see Autumn in Ohio, love it!

 I had such a good time walking down this little lane with my family. Enjoying the beautiful color show God puts on for us this time of year. 

We are leaving Ohio on Friday morning headed to one more conference in Iowa before we head back to Texas. I'm so excited to get back to Texas and see our oldest son Cody. We have been on this road trip for 3 months and I miss my kid. I'm actually doing great on the road without him, which has really surprised me but I still can't wait to see him. Also we'll be packing up all the Bible and things for the container and loading them up and shipping them the end of this month. One our things are gone we only have 4 more weeks to wait. I'm so excited.
By the time we get home winter should be in full swing. I can't wait!!!



  1. One of the most wonderful times of the year.... Autumn! Thanks for sharing those pretty pics, they remind me of Virginia.:)

  2. !!!GORGEOUS!!! pictures! Miss you!


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