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Gypsy Christmas in Croatia and Stuff

We were so blessed to get to spend some time with our good friends, the Madonna Family in Sterling Heights, this past month. 
We love these folks and Mrs. Madonna is one of my all-time favorite preacher's wives. She's one of the sweetest ladies I know. 
Anyhow, Covenant Baptist Church in Sterling Heights participated in the Gypsy Christmas and loaded us down with filled shoe boxes.  
Many of our Gypsy children have never received a Christmas present before and the one we give out will be the only present they get for Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year. I love those children and I delight in seeing their smiles as they open the small gifts. 

Josh and Hannah were in charge of fitting them all in our little trailer. Luckily they all fit. 

We are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas this year. We're taking a container back filled with Bibles and other things. We're so happy to have some room in the container to bring some personal items and lots of stuff for our Gypsy Christmas project. 
We have a great group from Bible Baptist Church in Rendon, TX, who decided to knit scarves and hats for our Gypsies. They along with several other churches have knit, as of right now:
37 pairs of gloves
1 shawl
1 poncho
1 pair of socks
31 headbands or earmuffs
10 blankets
854 hats
1,560 scarves
They call their project, Wrap Croatia for Christ. Pretty awesome! I'm so glad that the ladies at Bible Baptist had the vision to make a difference for little children they have never seen. It gets very cold in Croatia and many times the Gypsy children aren't dressed warmly. I'm gonna have so much fun wrapping those little children for all the ladies who took the time to make a difference. 

On a side note, we're almost finished with our 3 month trip. I'm tickled because a week from Thursday we head back to Texas and guess who I get to see...CODY!!! I have never been away from our oldest son Cody for more than a few days and he has been in Texas at Bible college while we've been on the road. 

As we travel and people find out that our son is staying behind for Bible college I hear all sorts of reports. From, "oh no, it'll be the worst time of your life." to " I cried every day and I still cry after all these years." 
Very seldom do I meet a mother that is okay with her children being gone. I can understand for sure, I love my kids way too much but I'm a realist. I know for them to serve the Lord and do His will they have to eventually get out. I'm happy Cody is in Bible college and doing well, it's the Lord's will that boys become men and that's how it happens. 
Sometimes I feel a little guilty that I am doing so well without him but them I realize that it's probably God's grace being poured out more abundantly in my time of need. I'm okay with it, thank the LORD!

On a second side note (he he) we are getting ready to pack up and head home. We will be back in Texas around the 15th and then pack up our container on the 1st of Nov. and then we'll be flying home on November 29th. I'm so excited! I can't even tell you how I'm looking forward to going home. Not only going home but we get to see all of our Croatian church family and friends.  Anyhow, God sure is good to let us serve Him in Croatia, we're privileged. 



  1. WHAT A BLESSING! We support a missionary family who served in Bulgaria and worked with the Roma people. The LORD has closed that door and opened another, but I imagine their hearts are still there.
    I am so glad that I attend a church that has a heart for Missions. :) If only we could support them all...
    Will you still be posting when you go back to Croatia?

  2. What a blessing! God sure is good!! Can't wait to see how it all comes together this year. :)

    Our church is taking up a special offering in November. They blessed our socks off last year with what they gave. :)

    Safe travels.

  3. What an amazing group of ladies. I wish I could knit or crochet but I never could get the hang of it.
    I was just talking to someone you know about you last night, Mrs Karl Ogdie, they are here preaching our revival this week. She had wonderful things to say about you.
    Have a great week and enjoy what time you have left in Tx.
    Love and Prayers

  4. This is awesome! I love to see churches getting involved like this!

    I went to college with the pastor's daughter-in-law, Rachael. Small world!

  5. All that is so awesome! & you'll do great without Cody if ya keep that attitude. You will have days of missing especially the first time ya set the table for one less. but being realistic is the key. You've done a great job raising him for the Lord and you'll see over time where you can tweek with the other two to even better prepare them to face the world.

  6. It's really a shame you made Josh rid in the trailer. :)


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