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Stinkin' Thinkin'

As we travel around to different places and meet different folks I am often amazed and how missionaries are looked at. Not only how laymen look at us but how missionaries look at themselves.

I am honestly really tired of hearing several phrases;
1. Oh you sacrifice so much.
2. Wow, I bet your glad to be back in the States.
3. You give up so much to serve the Lord.

These statements are repeated over and over again, so much that I can almost guarantee that I'll hear at least one in the next week. Somewhere along the way the view of missionaries turned negative. I mean in general people tend to think that the life of a missionary is hard and unrewarding, a drudgery if you will. Nothing could be farther from the truth. While serving the Lord on a foreign field can be hard and we do face some unique circumstances it's really no different that serving the Lord here. 
(So that no one thinks that I don't understand the spirit of these statements, I do. There was a time when I was a layman and I looked at missionaries in awe too. I understand that.) 

I'm so tired of hearing people talk about how being a missionary is more of a punishment than a honor. I'm especially tired of hearing missionaries whine about the life God has given them. Good night! Stop the whining already! Accept your orders for the Commander in Chief and learn to love it!! 

We need to get rid of this "stinkin' thinkin'". Hey, if the President asked you to be the Ambassador for the United States to a foreign country, that would be an honor. How much more of an honor is it for the King of Kings to ask you to be an Ambassador to a foreign country representing Heaven?

I think we need to rethink missions. Hey, I'm honored to be an Ambassador in Croatia and I wouldn't trade it for life in America for anything. His will is perfect!



  1. Amen!Ya hit the nail on the head. I love missionaries and especially the wives because of their willingness to go and leave what they know but I agree, they face different circumstances but their kids get to experience so much more than the USA kids. The pics you post of the places you see in Croatia are awesome! Also, this post was convicting for us serving here---we are ambassadors for Christ in the US and we should quit our whining about how hard ministry life is....guilty at times right here! It is hard and we face circumstances that the secular world doesn't face, but we are chosen and supplied for and He never promised easy anyway. He promised to be faithful and true. Thanks for the reminder! hugs()

  2. I get those questions too. Sometimes people say, "I couldn't possibly do what you're doing, I could never do that." I say, "I used to think the same thing!" Because I did. I sang "So Send I You" so many times that I actually thought a missionary was unrewarded, unpaid, unloved, unsought, unknown. Seriously, who wants a life like that? The author of that song wrote another filled with joy and hope later in her life and hoped people would start using that one instead, because it was more biblical. God owes no one! If you can't give a glass of water in His name without a reward, why do people think they will get the short end of the stick if they give God their life?

  3. Preeeeach it sister! miss you!!

  4. Anonymous10:09 AM

    As you said, when you're in God's will for *your* life then that is the very BEST and BLESSED place to be; no matter where that happens to be geographically.

    Oh and I just read your 'About Me' and my husband and I were also married in 91 and I was also born-again in 93! (o:

  5. That's why your still there. Praise the Lord for all God's servants that feel that way. Let's remember to pray for each other.

  6. You know, I've probably been guilty of saying things like that to missionaries, because I do respect them. I didn't realize how it could sound to the missionary! I'm kinda tired of some missionaries I know hinting that we serving God stateside are living in the lap of luxury! Like you said there are trials everywhere. Satan fights those serving the Lord all over the world! I admire your wonderful spirit and your willingness to do what, sadly, many will not do. Love you all!

  7. Anonymous7:07 PM

    You know, Tori, I've pondered this post for a while and I want to thank you for writing it - it opened my eyes. Made me think that lots of times, all of us say the wrong things - from funerals (after my dad died someone said "life is for the living!") to all sorts of occasions - as well as to certain callings like ministers and missionaries. But this post gave me perspective, so thank you!

  8. Amen Tori: Me too, we have been in places and seen sights that if we were not serving our lord, we would of never seen, serving God is an exciting way of life, living by faith, and following the lord where ever he leads in a wonderful way of life, and even since 1974 we have did that, God has blessed as no other life could. Thanks for speaking up and saying what is true. I miss my family too, but God gives so much more, and what we get will last forever.

  9. Hey's been a while...I can't believe you were that CLOSE to where I live!!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit...Hope the humidity didn't do you in?

    God bless you with a HAPPY furlough and fruitfulness in the journey's.


  10. People forget that sometimes HERE in America is the HARD mission field. We've had reports of OPEN hearts to the GOSPEL in foreign lands..OPEN hands that readily take Gospel Tracts.. encourging and rewarding is that?!!

    EVERY Missionary I know..LOVES what they are doing..and WHY they are doing it! and FOR WHOM they are doing it!!!

    AMEN..I just say..GOD BLESS YOUR LABOURS FOR THE LORD...wherever you are!


  11. Hi! I found you through Kristi at Thimble Thoughts and I just had to comment on this post! How people could think being a missionary is horrible is beyond me. What an exciting adventure!! Sure, there may be some sacrifices, but why would anyone want to pass on such an opportunity? (As long as it is in the lord's will of course!) I look forward to reading more of your adventures serving the Lord!

  12. Love love this! I remember when I got back from my very first missions trip to South Africa. The first thing people started saying was...I bet you sure are glad to be home, makes you appreciate what you have here, aren't you glad to be back? My answer was No, I loved it there and could live there forever!!! They would look at me with mouth dropped not knowing what to say! hahaha We somehow think we have the best of everything, but people are people where ever you go. :)


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