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Southern Charm

We were so glad to get to visit Rincon, GA and our good friends the Springers. Bro. 
Joe Springer is the pastor of Rincon Baptist Temple. He and Wendy are some of the more hospitable people we've ever known. 
We had such a great time with Joe and Wendy and their kids. They took us to Savannah and we were treated like royalty. 

Hannah and the Springer's girls, Anna and Emma
 Joshua and Kyle
Us, in case you didn't know. 
Just a pretty boat. 

They treated us to a wonderful carriage tour and we got to see some very quaint streets in Savannah. Hannah and the girls loved the horses. 

Isn't it sweet. Like a storybook town. 
The Spanish Moss, which I am told is in the pineapple family, was incredible. I absolutely love it. It's a good thing someone told be not to touch it because it looked so soft. They say that it's full of chiggers so I kept my hands to myself. 
The southern homes were lovely. This one faced a beautiful lake. 

 All those branches are from one tree. It's it amazing or what??? (upsize it to see it better) And the Spanish Moss is magical.  Savannah was a beautiful place and we're so glad to have been able to enjoy it for a few days. 
Bro. Joe and Wendy Springer, our sweet hosts. 



  1. Pictures are beautiful!! Never been to Savannah, but think it's worth a look- besides Paula Deen has her restaurant there!! :) Miss you!

  2. Your posts make me want to go to every place you guys have been! :) Loved the photos! Your necklace is quite interesting. Is it a key? Is there a story behind it?
    Glad you all are safe!

  3. Hey you are down in my neck of the woods now, make sure you glisten with the rest of us. Southern girls do not sweat, we glisten.
    Hugs and be blessed, Barbara


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