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Baptist Brothers? Yea Right!

Each time we come back for furlough I'm amazed at all the infighting among Christians and especially IFB Baptists.

What "camp" are you in? Where's you allegiance? Whose man are you?
For real? Are they kidding, I don't even like to camp!

No wonderful IFB Baptists aren't making a big impact on the enemy's army, we're too busy fighting within our own ranks!

I heard a great quote on this very subject last night at the conference we're in this week. Bro. Ron Ralph is preaching and boy, are my toes sore! Anyhow, here's the quote;

Putting out someone else's light won't make yours shine any brighter!

Sure would do us good to remember this one!


  1. Tori, What a GREAT quote.. I intend to steal it ;)

  2. Well, Amen! It is a bother to me about the politics that go on in the IFB circles. I don't understand it.

  3. That's a very good quote!

    Another quote I read on a blog once said:

    We can be sisters without being twins.

    I liked that one too. (o:


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