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A little piece of paradise

We have been gone on this 3 month trip for 9 days. Last night Johnny and I figured out that in 9 days we have slept in 7 cities in 4 states. No wonder I'm so pooped.

We are in Alabama, staying on top of a hill in Paradise. We're staying in a very nice mobile home out in the middle of nowhere. It's so pretty and green. It's quiet! It's been so long since we've been anywhere quiet. I miss the quiet. We're really enjoying being out here and the peace is a huge blessing.

We even had a homemade breakfast of eggs, toast and bacon this morning. Wow I forgot how good home cooked food tastes.

Josh and Hannah watching the cows and making sure the bill isn't charging behind me.

Many thanks to Walker Springs Road Baptist Church for allowing us to stay out here and have he time to be refreshed.

We're gonna be on this trip till the middle of October when we make it back to Texas in time to pack up the container with Bibles, Gypsy Christmas items and our things. November 29th we fly out for Croatia.

I'll be posting from the road often, so I'll post next from hot Florida.

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Location:Grove Hill, Alabama


  1. great post honey =D

  2. I remember that place and the livestock! :)


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