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English my foot!

You know the debate about Spanish speakers in America is nothing new. Yes, they should learn English but I suggest that those country folk in Mississippi should think about learning English too.

We were at McDonalds and Johnny was ordering a McFlurry and the cute girl behind the counter looked at Johnny and asked him if he wanted snake eyes. Johnny looked at her in confusion, snake eyes he asked. She looked at him and said, snake eyes. Johnny looked at her and apologized and did his best to assure her that we weren't trying to play a game with her. So okay maybe snake eyes is a new Micky Ds thing. Finally after much confusion and the cute girl getting a bit bothered we figured it out, snake eyes was in fact "snake size". Wow, we did it, we figured it out.

Fursevni, that's what she said next and the game began again. We managed to translate this word much faster now that we knew we needed to and handed her the $4.79 she had asked for.

Well I bedder get da young' uns warshed and ready to go to the chuch house. Just thought dat you'd tank dat dis was funy.

(No offense meant toward y'all who are blessed to come from the emerald green paradise that is Mississippi. Hey we Texans have our own set
of problems with English so don't think I'm pinkin on y'all.)

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  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    LOL Thanks for the laugh! I thought the girl was hitting on your hubby!! EEK! Too funny!

  2. Mississippi-speak is hard to understand, but in my opinion, not nearly as difficult as very south Louisiana!

  3. 'posted from blogpress using iphone!' Sucker!! lol love ya

  4. I'm Mississippi born and bred, and I still have no idea what in the world is snake size!


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