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Bible + Dramatization = AWESOME!

     Not too long ago my husband ordered and downloaded the entire Alexander Scourby audio Bible. Not only was it the Bible read by A.S. but it was also the dramatized version. All I can say is awesome! It really is one of the neatest things ever.   
     The other day we were quizzing the kids with Bible questions and our son Josh knew some really major details about the the story of Joseph and I was really surprised that he had retained so much information just from reading. Then he told us that he remembered all those details because he had listened to that story months ago on the CD. The other day when we were headed down here to Carlsbad, NM from Albuquerque I listened to some of the OLD on the cd. It was way too cool and I remembered so much about it. 

    Anyhow you can go to AUDIO BIBLE and listen to a sample and I think you can even download the whole thing from there. It's well worth the money. 


  1. We have a dramatized version too. Not sure if it is the same one but I used to listen to the OT on them all the time as I was reading to make the story come alive.! Now you got me wanting to pull them out! :)
    I miss you Tori!

  2. It was great hearing from Hannah last night from the letter that Bro. Rich read. Hope that you guys are doing great on your travels in America. Can't wait to fellowship with ya'll when you get back. ;O)

  3. I've wondered about audio Bibles, preferring instead the look & feel of my favorite leatherbound edition. I may just have to give this a try.

    Thank you for the recommendation.


  4. Jello sugar free and ranch powder!!
    i think thats all :)

  5. It is WONDERFUL!! We all have it on our iPods. :D


  6. WOMAN!! I have been looking at this same post for almost a month now!! Miss you terribly!


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