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Awesome time in Council Bluffs, IA

What a great time we had with Pastor and Mrs. Shipman at Eastern Hills Baptist Church in Council Bluffs, IA. Wow, these folks are great and a little crazy at the same time. We loved our time there. We made fast friends of both church folk and missionaries, 
The missionary group+kiddos
We had the privilege of getting to know Bro. Ben Leaf, missionary to Brasil. His sweet wife Lucianna was an extreme blessing to me and a fresh breeze of honesty. Bro. Leaf is actually a veteran missionary kind. Born in Brasil to missionary parents. 
Oh, I included this photo of Cory and I because we keep getting mistaken for a couple. Yea I know I don't look young enough to be his wife but several times people have come up and told us that we are a sweet couple. HA!!! Cody gets a kick out of it and has told his brother more than once that he is grounded.
The Ruby Family was also a sweet blessing. They are going to El Salvador and are so sweet. Those two little girls do most of the support raising, i'm sure!
Oh yea and a great blessing, Sunday morning the Associates wife walked the isle and got saved, WOW!!! God sure is good!
This is Mrs. Straw, she is making eternal investments in Croatia. She has faithfully been giving $10 a month to the Croatian Bible Project for some time. Wow, what rewards she will have one day. Thank you Mrs. Straw for loving folks you've never seen!

 Oh yea and we went to the zoo, always a classic fun. It was a little chilly but we enjoyed it. Here are a few photos the kids took. 

Okay so enough monkeying around, I better get busy. We're in a wonderful mission apartment in Harrisonville, MO. Bro and Mrs. Keighan are a great blessing and have been for 12 years that they have supported us. Grace Baptist Church is a great place and we always enjoy our time here. 

Tomorrow, bright and early we've got to get on to Salina, KS, we're starting a conference at a church there. It's a blessing to be co-laborers with so many different churches. Some of them you tend to forget if it's been 12 years and for the church in KS it has been twelve years so we're looking forward to that meeting. 

Oh yea I have some great stories from Croatia but I guess I'll tell you those in the next post! 

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