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We're Famous!

Oh my goodness, are you kidding? I was so excited to see Bro. Sam's blog this morning and the article in the Cakovec newspaper.
Bro. Sam Ward, missionary extraordinary, who came to Croatia a little less than a year ago has sure made waves in Croatia. He had a sign ministry in the states and it was his heart's desire to start one in Croatia too. We'll if Bro. Sam wants it done it eventually gets done.
This morning I found this post on Bro. Sam's blog and was ecstatic. Aparently the "sign crew" was out standing on the side of one of our really busy roads when a reporter decided to check it out.
The article reads:
Signposts to eternity

Quite a few were surprised who were in the January 28 peak traffic moving from the direction of the Čakovec to Šenkovec seeing people who are at the edge of the road with signs.
The column of vehicles slowed down because drivers were trying to read the text, hoping that they had just one last chance to save money or find a bargain on some expensive product.
But there was none of that. The inscriptions on the signs, held by members of the Independent Baptist Church Stablo Života from Čakovec, pointed drivers to the right path to eternity.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful co-laborers. Bravo, guys!! Wow, the water is sure being stirred in Croatia, now we just have to get some folks in the water. 



  1. That is so great, Tori!!! And I like that the news article actually sounded positive. Your closing reminded me of a song I use to sing with my daddy when I was younger:
    Step into the water,
    Wade out a little bit deeper
    Plant your feet in the waters of His love
    Step into the water,
    Wade out a little bit deeper
    Come join angels singing praises to the Lamb of God. :)

    Praying many will plant their feet in the water!!


  2. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Famous! LOL
    Hope you're enjoying your furlough!


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