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18° in Texas??? What?

Are you kidding me? Really? The other day I was wearing flip flops and now it's 18° outside??? And it figures it's the week we leave for our first out of town mission conference. Oh well, good thing God's watching over us and knows every icy street we're gonna be on.

Oh yea and one more thing; Traci Holcomb is the other missionary wife in Croatia and she's scheduled for gall bladder surgery in Croatia tomorrow. I would ask you to please pray for her. Surgery in America is dangerous enough but surgery in Croatia is a real act of faith. Please remember Traci in prayer!



  1. Oh my ... those temps must take you back to Croatia?

    Travel safe, and may your friend's surgery be without incident.


  2. thanks girl for those prayers! You need to call me when you get a chance. I miss you!!

  3. Seems like forever since I've been here! I see you are in the states for now. Yes, we are all having a cold winter, even in GA!

  4. HOw did Mrs. Traci do on her surgery? Have you heard anything yet?



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