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Missing Friends

We have been here for 5 weeks now and it feels like it's been 6 months already. It's unreal how fast time goes before you even know it.

We are enjoying being here with family and friends but it's with mixed emotions. As we enjoying loved ones we are missing others. The first 10 years in Croatia we lived and worked only missing one thing; Fellowship. Although we had wonderful fellowship with our friends the Telebars it just wasn't the same as spending time with those who were from our homeland.

We were so excited to see the Holcomb Family arrive on New Years Eve, and then soon after our Bro. Sam from Texas and not long after that the Brown Family. Wow, God didn't just answer our desires of our hearts, He ANSWERED them and how.

So here we are in the US loving on our friends and family a little while all along missing our family in Croatia.
My missionary sister in Croatia, Traci Holcomb is such a blessing to me; she leaves comments on my blog and lets me know that she misses me and that means so much. It's nice to know they miss us like we miss them.

It won't be long, and we'll be back in Croatia and the tables will be turned.



  1. I read on another blog by a missionary lady who was raised an MK that being a missionary means you miss people terribly, no matter where you are in the world. She wasn't complaining, it's just true. Good thing Heaven is forever!

    It wonderful that you have people in Croatia to come back to! What an answer to prayer!

  2. I know it must be strange! Hope all goes well for you while you are here! Every time I see my blog I think of you. ♥ You are a blessing to so many!

  3. Being in the ministry and going where God calls you creates missing loved ones a reality no matter where you are but being in another country I'm sure adds a whole new dimension. Even when we were in Oklahoma & Arkansas we could still drive home in a few hours to Missouri. Now, we are back in MO and missing friends in those two states!

  4. So glad that you are enjoying your friends and family. It was only God that could have led us to Croatia and allowed our paths to cross. We are thankful for your friendship and looking forward to your return. (:

  5. So wild...I have a friend Traci Holcomb over here in Texas...had to read this twice. Enjoy your time here, glad to hear that you have fellowship more in Croatia.


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