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Sometimes you have to fight!

It's true, sometimes we have to fight for the things that are really important in life. 

I run a van route to Gypsy village in Trnovec which is about 25 minutes from church. I usually have 9 or 10 kids come on the van but this last Sunday was different. 
3 children got in the van and shut the door. I was confused. "Where are the others?", I asked. The kids proceeded to tell me that they weren't allowed to come to our church any more.

I was in shock. If you have ever been a "bus captain" then you know what I was feeling. You get close to these kids. They become "your kids". 

So the kids told me that there was one old woman in their village that was spreading lies about our church. 
She said that if you were christened in a Catholic church and then you went to a Baptist church than that meant that you served two different gods. Then she said that as Baptists we allow our sons and daughters to marry each other, within one family, brothers and sisters. WHAT?? Are you kidding me? We found out later from one of Bro. Sam's new converts that this rumor has been circulation for years and it sounds like it was started by someone in the Catholic church. She also said that if you were a Baptist or went to one of our churches than you would have ciaos in the home. That Baptists had very crazy homes and had no peace. 

Anyhow, I drove my 3 kids to church and was so upset. It was like someone had taken something from me of great value and SHE did. After church when I took the kids home I made an date to come back out there to the village and have an open meeting of sorts for them to ask anything they wanted so the lies could be cleared up. 

Yesterday Johnny, myself, Bro. Rich, Bro. Sam, Bro. Scott and Bro. Alen all went out to the village. The parents of the 3 children welcomed us to their home and Bro. Rich began to witness to these folks. He went through the plan of salvation very thoroughly and then gave those who wanted to an opportunity to be saved. Both parents of the 3 children prayed and a few others standing around also. Praise the Lord! I don't pretend to know the hearts of these people but it doesn't take a lot to ask Jesus to save you. 

After the Gospel was presented we answered questions, well Johnny and Bro. Rich basically. After wards the  dad of the 3 told said, "So what I'm understanding is that you keep coming back to the Bible, that's what is so important." WOW, he got it!

As we were getting ready to leave tons of children came up to me and asked if they could come to church. It was sad because I only have a 9 seater van and there were way more than 9 children who wanted to come. Praise the Lord! He is so good to give us ministries and people to serve. I'm blessed to know these children and maybe, just maybe one day I'll see one or more of them give their lives to Jesus to reach their own people. That's my prayer and I know He hears it.

Some things and people are worth fighting for. Sometimes we give up way too easy and the Devil easily wins the battle. We need to get tough and fight back a little, claim what is God's for God. 


  1. Good for you!!! Praising the Lord for those who gave their hearts to the Lord! The Lord will always win, so keep fighting and we'll keep praying!!!

  2. Tori, loved this post and the way the Lord worked. I wonder how many souls will not be reached, because someone might have to go over hurdles to get to them. I think about missions and the people in the world who need the Gospel. Will younger people take up the work of deputation in order to reach those souls? Will churches take up the financial hurdle so those missionaries can reach those souls? What a blessing to read how the Lord used you all to work in hearts! God is good!!! Thank you for sharing this valuable lesson!

  3. Praise the Lord, Tori. I am so proud of you and what you and your family and church family are doing.
    Love & Prayers

  4. I am so sorry that people are spreading lies about what ya'll are doing. God will work it all out for His glory. It touched my heart to hear of the group of kids wanting to go to church. HOpefully God can provide a miracle to make it happen.
    May God continue to bless you guys!
    Lisa :O)

  5. Tori, Lies do so much damage and I'm glad God worked it out for the opportunity you all had. Praise Him for the ones saved! Sometimes lies do so much damage that it is permanent and lives are hurt because of it.

  6. oh praise the Lord! this is so touching. I can imagine you were so distraught over learning that those little ones could´nt come.

    Praise the Lord for these new souls in heaven though!


    Dani Joy

  7. Yes you MUST fight sometimes for Christ. Praying for you all!


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