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New Start

Today is a new day for me and today I started tracking my intake with SparkPeople. SparkPeople is wonderful and so useful. It has all the tools a person needs to keep track of calorie intake and fitness goals. So today is the first day of my lifestyle overhaul. I'm pretty excited about it and motivated thanks to a few friends who are doing awesome.

I know that past failures or even successes don't determine my ability now and I'm on my way.

I'll be posting periodically about my weight loss and or in the unlikely case, gain.

So as of today,
6/30/2010 -  0 lbs. lost



  1. Will be praying for you. I wanted to start something, but doc said to wait a couple months!! I don't believe in luck! So, here's to prayer, self-control, and trust in the Lord!!

  2. You can do this with God´s strength. Tori, you mentioned you needed some of what I had. Well, you got it! you know you have got it. Jesus! ;) It all starts with a prayer and determination to be disciplined. I know you know this, but I am here to just encourage! I couldn´t have done it without those I met who helped motivate me. My husband too was a big help. If he is willing, his exercise and habits will help keep you on track too. Remember it doesn´t happen fast. (you know as you have done it before) It´s a life change! It´s for life so it won´t matter if you take a year at it or not, before you know it the weight will be coming off.
    Ok, I know this is getting long. jeje Just get so excited. LOL

    Just one more thing, My body didn´t start changing until I actually got really sweating it. Really getting into the cardio and strength training. It made a huge difference. I started measuring and when I didn´t actually lose weight but I lost inches I was so encouraged.

    Don´t believe the lie that you will always be heavy. YOu can and will get back to your old self. It is possible! When I realized that it was a lie I had been believing, this also changed my perspective.

    phew... I hope me writing all this here is ok. well, Lord willing, It will encourage others as well.

    Sweating it with ya and praying for ya,
    Dani Joy
    (I am still at it)

  3. Thanks a lot Dani!! I sure appreciate all the encouragement you left.
    You're my inspiration, I'm gonna look like you one day!

  4. I have used Sparks off and On... I started using it again just today.
    Its a great tool, I just get busy/lazy... I need to quit that :P

  5. That is great Tori! I am also really working hard to lose weight but have a different perspective than I've had in the past. I just posted recently about it. I will be praying for you! Just know that we will have a few setbacks, but don't let it get you down. Just get right back on track at the next meal. I have been at it since the beginning of June and lost six pounds and also inches. There were times I didn't lose anything and once I gained, but still lost inches, so be sure to measure yourself once a week.

  6. OH, I hope some of your inspiration rubs off on me. I need some. Bad.
    Praying things go well for you!!!



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