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Pesky Pickle Problem?

Ever get tired of dealing with those pesky pickles? Tired of people staring at your pickles? Well, on a recent trip to Austria I found the solution to our problem. Clearasil Ultra Anti Pickle Creme!
This miracle stuff claims to reduce the size of the offending pickle in just 4 hours, that's pretty amazing!

Okay enough of that stuff, just thought I would share a laugh with you. Oh yea, and that is the real stuff there, actually photographed on Friday while grocery shopping in Austria. 


  1. You are soooooooooooo funny! That really made me laugh! BTW, we will be basing out of the Cleveland area while on furlough. I will be going to the Cleveland Clinic for my medical care. We will definitely have to meet up!

  2. I have been a lurker for a while and don't even remember how I found your blog. I always enjoy reading your posts, but I had to comment on this. Too funny! =)

    Thanks for sharing!
    Holly ~ Missionary wife in the Philippines

  3. LOL! Yes, I got a laugh out of this one! We'll have to start referring to it as that pesky pickle and always think of you! :D


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