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Incredible Blessing!

Any of you who follow either my blog or Johnny's know that children have a special place in our ministry. We know that they are the next missionaries, preachers and church members of tomorrow. They are the hope of our grandchildren. The only hope they have of living in a Godly world.

Reaching adults in Croatia is often next to impossible. Many of them will receive Christ's free gift but refuse to serve Him. We're trying to train these children from early youth to love Jesus and serve Him.

Anyoo, we have been running to van routes for years. I run one to a Gypsy village in Trnovec along with Traci and Johnny runs one to Pribislavec with Bro. Scott. These children come from very difficult homes and are many times starved for real affection. I love these children. They mean so much to me. Anyhow, back to subject. Johnny has been using our big red church van for his route for years and I usually pack out my 7 seater with up to 12 people on my route. Well we have been really heart broken lately because big red has been very sick and finally hit bottom.

We have been praying for the money to buy a new church van for a while and God answered our prayers with a miracle a few weeks ago. A man that we have never met but attends a like minded church decided to be used of God to meet our need. Actually he meet the need but giving not only enough money to replace Big Red but also enough to buy yet another van. So now we have 2- 9 seater vans.

We are so thankful for our Brother in Christ who chose to be used of God. Not only were we able to purchase two vans but we had enough money left over to have the church name and phone number on the side of the van along with a Scripture verse. We also had enough money left over to tint the windows on both vans. Tint is very important because it allows us to pack out 9 seater vans with double the occupancy allowed without drawing attention to ourselves by the local law keepers. I know we shouldn't drive more than we have room for but who has the heart to tell someone that there isn't room for them to come to church, NOT ME!

Hey God loves these people and they're worth all the work and money it takes to get then to His house.
Many thanks to all those who gave toward this need, thanks for being used!



  1. Oh what a wonderful miracle!! God is so good and took care of what was needed and more! Praise God!
    Lisa :o)

  2. That is AWESOME!! Praise God! Thanks for sharing that amazing blessing, Tori.

  3. Amen, Amen, and Amen!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing!!! If you get near Ohio in your travels, let me know. I will send you a phone number as soon as we have one!

  4. Great! They can's hear if they can't come. They can't grow if they can't come. So we go and get them.
    Halellujah for the vans!

  5. Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing the blessing with us! :)

  6. Oh Tori...I am praising the Lord with you!


    God is so very Good!


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