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Smelling a little icky!

So the other day I took some laundry out to the line and on the way I could smell something icky. I mean it was rank and I didn't have a clue where the smell was coming from. So I finished my load of clothes and headed in not knowing what that smell was that made my nose wrinkle.

A little while later I was on the patio doing something, watering the plants I think and I noticed that smell again. It was a strange smell, not at all attractive but somehow familiar.

Later I heard Johnny scolding the dog. Apparently K.D. had found a way out of the yard and had gone off to play in the world but was very safe to be back before morning. No, I'm so not kidding. She got out and did who knows what and was back by morning. Little did she know, even though she made it back to where she was suppose to be and in time she hadn't lost the smell of her jaunt in the world. She apparently had played in the little canal close to our house and then rolled in some dead remnants or something like that.

Anyhow, later in the day as she dried she still reeked of her trip out and it wasn't getting any better. 

As I was passing Hannah on the stairs I was suddenly hit with that smell. It was K. D., no, wait a minute, it wasn't K.D. this time. No, this time it was Hannah. Hannah smelled like K.D.. Hannah smelled like K.D.'s time in the world. It was awful and almost as strong on Hannah as it was on K.D.. Earlier in the day Hannah had been out in the yard hanging around with K.D.. Little did Hannah know she was being infected by K.D.'s worldly aroma.

Even though Hannah hadn't sneaked out of the yard in the night and gone swimming in the canal, Hannah still smelled like the world. She smelled just like she had partnered K.D. in her trek in the gloaming.

Wow, what a lesson learned from a dog. It's not necessary for us to go running around in the world to begin to look like the world. No, all it takes is to have a worldly friend and before long we'll look like them and even start to smell like them. We've got to be very careful about whom we run with. If we run with them you can be sure we will eventually look and smell like them too. 

Special thanks to K.D. for today's devotion!


  1. My dogs have done that - and sometimes when you are searching for that "smell" they are trying to look invisible.

    Have a lovely week


  2. Love it! So true, so true! May we be more like Christ and not the world. (:

    Hey Tori,
    Enjoyed the devotion and hope all is well on your side of the world. We have one more supporting church added to our "team". August is looking promising for departure. I wish we had all of our set up funds an then we could leave sooner! ):

    Can't wait to see ya'll again.

  3. Dogs sure love that stinky stuff! We had a little doxie named Bubba who rolled in dog poo 3 times in one day!

  4. uuuhhhhggggg!!!!! I can smell it from here! Our dog rolled in Cow ehem last time we went camping. Grossss!!!

    I see the analogy. We do need to be in the world but not of it. So important to reach out without letting them rub off. Sometimes it does happen without realizing it. Just like with Hannah. Gotta stay in the Word so that we can smell it a mile away. AMEN!

    Dani Joy

  5. Great job on the walking!!! I am sure it´s a great help!
    Thanks for coming by too, today! loved hearing from ya!
    Dani Joy

  6. eeoooh! I know that yucky smell! Be glad it wasn't a skunk! If that ever happens email me and I'll tell ya how to get rid of it! Great devo thought too!

  7. Wow this would make a great illustration for a Sunday School class!!! It is amazing what our dogs can teach us!

  8. This was a great thought! I just had a meaningful discussion with my dad about a decision I need to make. This fits right in. Great advice!!

  9. That's a great story sermon right there, sister!!



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