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punxsutawney phil....WRONG!

I have never really known who Punxsutawney Phil was until this year. I always knew there was a groundhog somewhere and that he had some sorta bearing on winter but had no idea what the whole deal was with that.

Anyhow, I seen the whole Phil frenzy the other day when Phil announced (yea I know he can't talk) 6 more weeks of winter. Are you kidding me? How does he know? I mean really!

Well I'm sad to announce that Phil was WRONG, at least in my neck of the woods. At 11:47 AM it is officially 57° F in Croatia. I'm not joking, it's glorious!! The sun is shining and the birds are singing and I'm happy!! I know the weather shouldn't determine my happiness but it does and today I'm ecstatic.

Guess what I just did. I hung out the first clothes of the year on our clothes line in the yard. It's that warm outside and the sun is in full bloom! I'm so excited about Spring. It's been a long winter with lots of snow and I'm ready to see the Crocus come peaking out.

God is so good to give us such variety. Do you realize what a blessing it is to have 4 distinct seasons? Can you imagine how bored we would be if it were always 75°? God sure is good even in the little things!!!


  1. What a huge change from just a few weeks ago! I'm so glad you shared some news. I have missed reading your blog and have missed you! Enjoy the weather! I miss the snow, but 75 degrees isn't all that bad in February!!!!

  2. Is Phil a North American ground hog or does he speak for the whole world? Because here in TX it is cold, for us anyway. I am effect by the weather as well. Take care!!!

  3. Praise the Lord for Spring!!!

  4. When we lived in the tropics I really missed the seasons, in particular the change into winter. Even though the tropics did have changes it is nothing like the 4 seasons. We are about to enter Autumn - my favourite.

  5. I love having 4 seasons since we moved out of FL where they have hot, hotter, and hottest. :D

  6. I love fall especially! So glad things are warming up for ya'll. I've missed reading about your new adventures. Hope that you come back soon! ;0)

  7. I always have liked 4 seasons in the past, but the older I get the more I dislike cold and winter time. My body aches more and if I didn't love Missouri so much I would wish to move south more!

  8. hope you are just busy and having fun. you haven't posted in awhile???

    bless you


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