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But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

One thing that have always been important to us in ministry is children. When we were first saved the very first ministry we had was running a bus route and praise the Lord for bus workers. There is nothing like the bus ministry and we loved it. While Johnny ran the bus ministry forever when we lived in the states I always worked in children's church and loved it. I love children. I love the light in their eyes, the thrill they get from hearing something new and the true devotion they offer when we just love them a little.

So I'm gonna introduce you to just a few of my blessings;
These two little angels are both Croatians. The little girl on the left is Adella and she's so sweet. The little beauty on the right is Rebeka, she is the national pastors 2nd child and she is a joy to me. She has the sweetest spirit of any little girl I have ever seen. Please pray for her. She is forced by the government to attend public school and her innocence is being stolen. Pray that God will protect her and her siblings. Their parents have petitioned the government without success. It's illegal to home school in Croatia. Hey be thankful we still have that freedom in America, I have a feeling it won't be around for long. Rebeka has an older brother, Ruben is 9 years old, almost and he is such a joy. This kid loves the Lord more than most adults. Pray that he will be the next generation of preachers in Croatia.
Oh yea and with him is Bro. and Mrs. Holcomb's daughter Trinity. We're loving having her in SS too.
We have two brothers that come faithfully, Denis is one of them. These brothers are a handful but we love 'em.
Antonio is Bro. #2 and he's the more lively one. This kid is so naughty at times you can't help but love him. Most bus workers have a squeaky wheel that gets most of the attention, well Antonio is ours.
This little sweetie is Andrea, she's 5 and comes on my little route. Pray for her and her family, her mom is suppose to come to church on Sunday, please pray she'll get saved and that it will trickle down in the family and they'll all be saved.

Anyhow, I guess it was natural for us to fall back into the bus ministry and children's church here in Croatia. Johnny started the church here and as soon as it was handed over to a national we went back to what we love, working with the children. Johnny runs a van route to pick up Croats and into one of the local Gypsy villages. I run my little route to the other side of town and into another Gypsy village to pick up 3 children and then onto pick up some Croats also.

Johnny and I teach SS and love it. These kids can be a huge handful but what a blessing they are. I don't even think they know what blessings they are. We love them and we praise God that He has allowed us to work with them.

Oh this one is for fun, it took some work to get them to all smile at the same time and they did
(see above photo) so this was the fun one, click on the photo for a better look at Bro. Johnny! He loves these kids as much as I do, if not more.

Hey, if you are one of those churches who is about to decided that the bus ministry isn't worth it and those little snotty kids are too much trouble, shame one you!! Maybe it's time for a little repentance and getting back to love what Jesus loves!! Walls can be repainted and carpets can be replaced but the soul of a child is priceless.



  1. SO nice meeting your little cuties and seeing them in Sunday School! Precious pics!

  2. Tori,
    Love the message and the pictures! I have MANY friends that are missionary or pastor's wives who were won through the bus ministry!!! YEAH!!!!!

  3. Good for you LOVE all those kids who need to know the LORD.

    I like the second pic with the little guy in front..all mmm? what am "I" doing with these nuts! hee hee

    God bless you in your labours..

  4. Question - do the children speak English or do you speak Croatian? Just wondering?

  5. Hey Jo,

    The children speak Croatian and Roma but we speak Croatian to them.
    Thanks for asking.

  6. ´What a wonderful blessing that the children can come! AMEN! I love to see what the Lord is doing in Europe. Croatia is so different than Spain. I am praising the Lord for the fruit you are seeing there!

  7. Amen to your last paragraph!!

    Those were wonderful pictures. Precious faces.

    OK, so you started the church there and now a national is the Pastor. Once they are established and you feel they're ready to go on without you, will you start another church?


  8. Wow, look at all those kids. What a blessing.

  9. Hi Tori,
    just wanted to invite you to my new blog!
    My D's Health & Weight Loss Journey blog will be taken down soon -- just time for a fresh change!
    Hope you're doing well!

  10. I love your blog! Sometimes I feel it is there just for me. Keep it up.

  11. Loved reading about the children. The little girl in the flower print dress reminds me so much of a little girl I taught in school.

  12. I agree that the bus ministry is very rewarding tho at times hard. But those souls are worth it. Our bus ministry is now producing adults coming!

  13. My husband is/was a bus kid. He was saved through the church camp ministry and now we are missionaries getting ready to head to Canada. Don't ever forget the power of the children's ministry. -- Julie

  14. I just loved the pictures. They are great. I can't wait until we get to Nepal. We are leaving the first week of April.

  15. amen tori! my husband was also a snotty nosed bus kid, was saved at 8, called to preach at 12, and is now pastoring after many years as an evangelist! praise God for bus workers!

  16. Hey! We were watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics tonight, and I thought of you when Croatia's athletes came in! :)

  17. My husband and I have worked with children through the years so we know how you feel. I also like to pray for missionaries, so have added you to my list.

  18. Hey Tori,

    Can't wait to join you guys! I was saved through the bus ministry as well. There is a special place in mine & Kevin's heart for the bus ministry.


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