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Here turkey, turkey, turkey

The other day we were buying groceries and I was in awe at all the Christmas merchandise on the shelves. Christmas?? Hello it's just now October so why are marzipan candies and chocolate Santas lining the shelves?? I totally expect this in the all-consuming US to here in Europe they tend to be a bit more traditional. Okay so they don't celebrate Thanksgiving but they usually don't put all the Christmas stuff out yet either.

The all consuming dollar (or what ever currency you use) has pushed the God and family oriented holiday of Thanksgiving off the bus. Yes I did find some Fall-ish napkins but other than that it's pretty much jack-o-lanterns and Santa Clauses.

Along with all other Godly things in the world the holiday of Thanksgiving, set aside to, duh...Give God Thanks will soon be a memory.

I remember waiting till Thanksgiving night when all the hoopla was over and I would turn on the radio because the non-stop Christmas radio would start on Thanksgiving and then it was time to start looking forward to Christmas. Now since the red and green holiday is being forced down our throats so soon it just makes me a little bitter and defiant. I will as always not even think about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. Okay so maybe a menu, early shopping or so but no red or green or little mangers will be displayed in our humble abode until the carcass of our half-eaten gobbler is cold!



  1. Sweetheart, You are so right. I too am sooooooo tired of seeing the commercialism of Christmas pushed on us.

  2. OK you ready for this, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation was on TV last night. And Home Alone has been airing off and on since July.

  3. Amen Tori! Well put.

  4. No, Joke Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite stores to covet and waste time in) put Christmas out in the end of May. Saw it with my own eyes while getting stuff for 4th of July. Commercialism has no shame!

  5. AMEN!!! I love FALL also and THANKSgiving is such a SPECIAL time because it manifest THANKFULNESS!!

    One of the MOST important attributes of all life...THANKFULNESS which in turn shows humility and appreciation.

    How THANKFUL we should always be..daily for our LORD Jesus Christ! in the'll be set aside as well.

    I think I'll just let is last ALL YEAR!

    God bless..

  6. You echoed our sentiments exactly. Something is not quite right when Christmas displays and lights are going up in mid October.

  7. You are right..Thanksgiving...truly a American holiday...and day of thanks..and not GREED...and it is being shoved out....
    you are right...


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