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Life in General or Major?

Goodness it seems like to keep up with what's happening here in Croatia I would need to post daily, yea I guess I do.

I haven't even told you about English class or Friend Day or Saturday J&R or any of the regular things I do each week.

It's interesting, the other day I was hanging out in the office with my sweetie and staring out the window when I said that nothing ever happened here and I had nothing to write about. He looked at me and said something that translated in my mind to this:

What are you talking about? You live in Europe, you speak a different language, you eat foods that others don't even know exist and everything around you is different than that of most of your readers.

and do you know what, he's right, or at least my auto-translator was right. Life here is different.

We have been here almost 9 years and after 9 years most things are hum-drum now. "Ain't" nothing new around here or at least that's how it seems. I have forgotten that thrill that newness brings. When we were first here in 2000, every day was an adventure. There were new tastes and sights everywhere I turned. I could have written 3 blog posts a day back then.

Anyhoo, I realize we live in a very unique situation and if I try hard enough I may find some pretty interesting happenings around me. I know God wants us to live an abundant life here in Croatia and I guess it's about time I start doing that.

I think I'm going to start a weekly post called I Love Croatia and maybe through that I'll see some of the wonderful sites and sounds I have grown way too accustomed to.

Okay so I'm rambling, I know but that's me and how my mind works, I'm sure you understand!

Wanted to share with you one of my favorite places in all of Croatia. Plitvička Jezera is one of the most enchanting places on earth, I think anyhow, just one of the lovely sites Croatia has to offer.



  1. It is a fight against our human nature to not take things for granted. I know I take things for granted here that I know someone, somewhere else, would really love to have. Just remember, there is nothing ordinary about serving God. That is a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing.

  2. OH this place is beautiful. I am going to look it up on your link. What does the name mean?

    We do have so much in common.

    We have been in Spain for 9 years also. I think I told you that before. I have been trying to look at it in a different light too. More than anything trying to look at the people for their spiritual need. I have gotten complacent not only about my surroundings (which as you, I Love were we live) But also about the people. I pray that I can reach out even more.

    I too teach English. :)

    I am slowly learning about html. do you just embed the flags from photobucket? Is it that easy?

    If not could you send me an e mail with how you did it? Thanks so much!

    Oh this is long... ;) have you heard of ?
    My mom sent me their link and It´s so cool how you can track your weight loss progress free and check on your real age. Mine is 30. even though I am 33. But it gave me all these pointers how to look younger. Thought I would pass it on. :)

  3. Wow! that is an amazing photo!

    BTW, We were down in Texas at Trinity Baptist Church for their missions conference last week. They really spoiled us while we were there. It was such a blessing to see their heart for missions.

  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I can't wait to hear more about Croatia. The only views of it that I have seen as a USA homebody are the war pictures all those years ago.

    Thanks for showing this location...Enchanting is the perfect word to describe this beauty.

  5. Oh, Tori, what a beautiful sight!
    It sounds like the Lord has been encouraging you and that's an answer to prayer! ;o)
    I look forward to your I Love Croatia posts!

    Your praying friend ~

  6. The photo is very beautiful.

  7. What an amazing picture! Makes me long to see it in person. I, too, am looking forward to your love Croatia posts. I enjoy learning about different cultures via missionaries.

  8. That picture is AmaZING.. looks fake almost...
    Every time you post pictures , I want to visit there MORE AND MORE..

    but, I beleive we are ALL guilty of that.. I am very much looking forward to your weekly post! :D

  9. What a beautiful picture -- I can see why that's one of your favorite spots! I can't wait to read more of your "I love Croatia" posts :o)

  10. I know Croatia is a beautiful place, but that photo is absolutely amazing. Incredible.

    God Bless, and God Save Croatia!

  11. Wow! I forgot how beautiful this country is! I can't wait until the spring so I can take you and the kids to Plitvicka!

  12. What a beautiful place. I would love to visit you, Tori, and see Croatia. I would be happy to go there to stay, should God call us. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Have a wonderful day!

  13. I know what you mean! I remember how it was when we first arrived in Guatemala, and every little thing was just sooo interesting. I didn't have a blog back then, but I filled my family's email inboxes, LOL.

    I look forward to reading your "I love Croatia" posts! Great idea!

  14. Hello dear Tori,
    I know it's been ages since I dropped by!
    I can so guess what you mean...even a completely foreign country can start to feel same-o after so many years just because we need it to in order to adjust...

    What an incredibly gorgeous photo!

    God bless you and I hope to come by more often...


  15. Beautiful photo. It is a beautiful place.Share photos of Croatia now and then. I think many of us know very little about this country, and at least I would love to read about it from achristian/missionary perspective

  16. What a beautiful place. It looks like a paridise! I look forward to more of your "I love Croatia" post:)
    Have a great day, Tori!

  17. Tori,
    I love the link logo. If I had your skill, I would like to put something like that at the top of my blog. It is a very moving graphic.

    Thank you all for the blessings and the prayers. God will surely provide and I will see you in May.

    God Save Croatia!


  18. Hi Tori,
    I'm trying to catch up on reading some blogs. We've all had the flu. :(

    I'd love to see more pictures of Croatia. That one is absolutely beautiful! Looking out my window right now I see bare trees against a cloudy rainy sky.

  19. Tori, I'm looking forward to the updates! I love adventure.

  20. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Gorgeous picture!! I was in Croatia 10 years ago, but I never got to this spot. Too bad. :) I actually lived and worked in Gorazde, Bosnia, that year, but did a two-week trip through Croatia for an ESL camp. Anyway, happy to find your site.


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