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If you'll noticed, I've been sporting a Thank You George W. Bush graphic near the top of this blog. A friend let me know that she was putting it on her blog and I just wanted you all to know, that you are welcomed to take it and display it, I made it so no need to get credit. I think he deserves our thanks for doing his best.
Oh yea, remember yesterday when I told you about Weight Watchers online and my new endeavor, well I have a new blog to keep track of my many future victories! For those who were following the old one, well I was going to pick up on that one again but I accidental deleted it, hence the new one. Anyhoo, here's a link to my new blog and I will be weighing in on Mondays so check it out. Also let me know if you also have a weight loss blog and I would be glad to link to it as long as the content is Christ honoring.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!


  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    I've been thinking about WW online too, thanks for the link.

    And, am I being dense?....I can't find a link to get to your new weight loss blog. Maybe it's right under my nose and I'm just not seeing it?


  2. Praying for your family and church.

    Stay warm! Keep the lights on BRIGHT! Maybe that will help those dark afternoons.

  3. I lost a lot of weight on WW after the Boss was born. I'm a lifetime member. However I've gained it all back and then some. I'd go back to it again but I've gotten into the South Beach Diet. I'm not on anything now because I'm not the one in charge of picking all the food (one disadvantage of joining DH over here-LOL).

    You'll enjoy it. There are some pretty good recipes ;in their bag of tricks.

  4. I think we should thank him. At least we are not dead or people are not over here fighting on land that we don't have for them to fight on. He has done his best.

  5. Thanks Tori.. I was wondering where you had got it!
    I am definatly going to use it.
    My Dh and I were discussing having the kids make him thank you cards and sending them to him... he definatly deserves our gratitude , respect and thanks!


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