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The Cold Snap is Over

Last night on the way home from church the subject of the unresolved gas crisis came up. Our kids hadn't heard about it and there were many questions. By the time we made it home we had a plan for most situations that could occur and we had discussed the trickle down from the whole situation.

Right after we walked in Johnny told us that the whole gas crisis was resolved.
Alexi Miller, the chief executive of Gazprom said: "We really treasure our reputation as a reliable supplier and are prepared to supply Europe with as much gas as it needs."
Now we just hope this gas super giant sticks to it's word.

Already Bosnia and Bulgaria have been without gas and it was looking scary for us, but Praise the Lord our fear of a cold snap didn't come to pass. I was a bit bothered to realize that if the case had come to pass we would have been sorely prepared. Our stove, hot water heater, central heating all run on gas. Anyhow, it didn't happen and we are warm for a while longer.

We have really been fighting a lot of sickness lately in our church. The week before last our pastor's family of 6 had a monster of a stomach virus, then last week it hit our house, we also have one lady in our church in the hospital and another whole family was sick on Wednesday, so guess who was at church? Just us, yep, I guess it happens sometimes, it never has before but I guess there's always a first time for everything.

I have come to realize that the work here in Croatia will never be easy. It has been a fight since the beginning and it seems like every time we get ahead ol' Slew Foot manages to get his grubby paws on someone in our church and bring them down a bit.

I know that the most important thing about being a missionary isn't ability but availability and obedience. God never said it would be easy but he did give us a job and expect obedience. Anyhow, I don't know why I'm even typing this, maybe it's for me, a pep talk in sorts. Oh well, I guess I needed it.
Oh yea, guess who joined Weight Watchers online this past week? Yea, you guess it, me! My super sweet mother-in-law sent me Christmas money and here I am loving WW online. The food tracker is so easy and the availability to good recipes and food counts is almost limitless, I love it. Anyhoo, I weigh on Monday and I'm pretty excited, I think this WI is gonna be a doosey, I was sick with the stomach virus for 4 days before I started WW so I hardly ate anything and then I've been so good this week and stayed on program and ate my points healthily. I'm excited and I'll probably post Monday with my first week results.

Other that the above, we are just busy with school and life in general. Winters in Croatia are very hard because it's dark by 4:30 and that really messes with your mind. When it gets dark, we start thinking bed but hey from 4:30 until bed a lot can be accomplished. So winter is always hard here but we're managing, not being very productive but managing. We should get used to the early evenings right about time for Spring. Isn't that how it always works, oh well.

Hope you all have a great weekend, stay warm and enjoy the Lord's House on Sunday!


  1. Dear Tori, I know that it is hard and for many reasons but it will be worth in bye and bye.

    We help start a mission about 33 years ago here in our town. There were all kind of churches but no Ind.Bible,KJV,beliving Baptist. It has been hard and we live here in the U.S.A. and have family not too many miles away and some here in our town. But for so long it was just the Pastor, his family, and two other families, our family being one of those. We had property given to us, so we built a building, The Pastor, my husband and another man and our two teenage sons were the ones who were always there working on the building and maybe one or two others occasionally. I never hardly got to see my husband and sons during the week=evenings and just mainly on sunday for the months, it took to build our building. Now after all these years, we are still a small church but one that still stands on the KJV and have not compromised our beliefs. We now have about 10 faithful families, strong families that are there every time the church doors are opened. We also have others who have not joined yet but plan to. Our oldest son came back after some years and now Pastors our Church. We could not pay him a salary for many years so He worked delivering pizzas to make a living for his wife and their six children for all those years, God provided greatly. Now we pay him a weekly salary and provide for his needs and some of his wants. God has blessed beyond measure. With our Pastor's faithfulness and leadership, teaching God's truths, I, his mom have learned so much more than I ever knew before. I have been more than blessed and Tori, I know that you will also. I know you already have but some years down the road you will look back and see how greatly God worked in your life and that of your family. God bless you, dear Tori.

    I am so thankful that you all still have heat and I pray that you don't have to go without. connie

  2. First, Praise the Lord for gas...

    Second, you guys are doing great. Keep on keepin' on!! It gets dark about 5:00 here. But I was used to that from the states. It's depressing to pick the kids up from school at 5:30 and it's pitch black outside....No playtime outside in the afternoons for them...but they play enough during the day at school's 65% play-time and the rest educational!

    Bom fim semana.....(Have a great weekend)

    I'm interested in this WW online thing...I need to go check it out...

  3. Oh my! Praise the Lord! I just wrote you to tell you that we added you all to our prayer list at church Wed. night! That was fast! Yippee!


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