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no ballot yet....BUT

I did find this and I printed off my FWAB and I'm ready to send it in, we'll see if it makes it or not.

I sure hope all you folks in the US have voted and please remember your vote counts!!


  1. Oh, Tori, I'm sooo glad you found this! I hope it made it safely into the hands of an honest "counter"!

  2. I just got back from voting about 30 minutes ago and where most people here in the Atlanta area are facing hours of a took me 5 minutes. We live in a small district though. I'm just not sure it was a good sign that there were so few people voting when I went. Maybe more will go later....I hope so!!

  3. Hey, that's great! I hope it works for you too.


  4. We voted early this morning. We are anxious for the outcome that today may bring. We are fervently praying at our house.

  5. I hope it works!!!



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