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Wow what a title for a blog, well I am, mad that is. Know why?
Well in the past election we voted at our American Embassy in Zagreb and that was great but this year they changed everything.

This year we had to send off to the states, actually to our county for the ballot and we were suppose to receive the ballot; we would fill it out for McCain of course and return it to be counted but here we are sitting less than a week away and still no ballot. Even if it came today there would be no way to get it returned in time. I'm so hot about this I can't even stand it. There is one silver lining, Texas is already pretty much guaranteed for McCain so my vote wont make a difference in that but still.

Johnny is totally convinced that the "ballot senders" are democrats and that's why the long wait. Could be, dunno, but I'm still mad!


  1. Oh, Tori, I know exactly how you feel. This year is the first time I've been able to vote since living overseas. In the past, we've always had the problems you're having; not getting our ballot in time. This year we got everything okay, and our state, Missouri, let us send our vote in by e-mail. Maybe you could contact your county and see if that's an option for you.

  2. I feel for you.... I got my ballot and it's already been sent back, but I have a feeling democratic-loving Philly and Pittsburgh are gonna swing PA in the opposite direction I want my state to go. So I'm almost sure my vote won't make a difference.

    Sure gave me a new perspective on "life overseas" :).

  3. We were told that if we hadn't received the ballot by October 1st...we should go to the ebassy and they can actually give you one(even though they might not want to?), so I would call your embassy and explain that your ballot didn't come, and can they fax in your ballot?
    We got ours a couple of weeks ago, so maybe we had a republican mailing ours!!!

  4. ACORN was probably in charge of it......figures.

    I'm so sorry Tori...I know that's got to be very frustrating. It would make me mad too.

  5. Hi! I found you on Bound for Portugal. I live overseas too and had to comment on the ballot process. We mailed ours back in last week and the lady here in our host country asked who we were voting for. Before thinking, we told her and explained why...but then I got to thinking that she could just not mail our ballots if she didn't like our choice! And we are from Florida, where it just might count.

  6. Oh MAN! That would make me mad too! I'm sorry! I am so glad that you are from a Republican state! It's a blessing that you are willing to go to all that trouble to make your vote count. So many of us here in the states take all of that for granted!
    Praying for you, Tori!

  7. Hello from the great state of Texas, We are going to be here a few more days. It sure has been nice. The people have been so kind to us. At the missions conference we were at in New Caney, at the international meal, there were table set up for different mission fields with different recipes from that country. Well, they also had a TEXAS table. It was such good cooking. I have thought of you a lot these last couple of weeks. Being in your home state, It has been such a joy to see people so proud of their state.

  8. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Sorry you didn't get your vote. I laughed and laughed at this picture. It's great!

  9. Johnny is probably right.

  10. With all that's going on here, your hubby is probably correct! There is a LOT of voter fraud going on, in case you haven't heard.

    PS ~ that pic really freaked me out. LOL

  11. Just a thought as we could have done it this way for AZ although we did get our ballots and they are already back. But AZ gave you the choice or sending back, faxing or scanning everything and emailing it back. So if you could download a ballot for TX then you could probably do the same. Might be worth checking out. Your VOTE DOES COUNT!
    I also wanted to mention Tori, thanks for the note on the you do any kind of messenger because I would be glad to have some 'virtual' tea with you and let you pick my brain if you like...I have Skype or Yahoo Messenger. So just let me know! OK
    Lord bless!

  12. My sister over in China is in a similar situation:(

  13. I would be mad too! In fact I am mad!!! But most of all I'm sorry you are not able to get your vote in. I guess the only thing you can do now is to pray. I'll be praying too.


  14. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Oh no!--I can imagine how frustrating that must be!

    I'm with Kristi--that picture is *freaky*.

  15. I would be mad too!!!!

    Ill bet your husband is right :P

    GO McCAIN!

  16. Same problem here, too. Texas did finally send the ballot. It got here Thursday and I marked it and mailed it back yesterday, Friday. If you live outside the USA, you have until the 12th to get your ballot in, or so they said. Like you I was really angry that they took so long. I know that McCain will likely win Texas, and I am for McCain, but that isn't the point! This is my first time of getting to vote since we have been here in Costa Rica. Last election I tried to vote at the embassey. Had to fill out a form and being gullible enough to think the embassey people were for freedom and fairness, I marked the form Republican. Never got to vote, even saw one lady toss my form in the trash when she thought I wasn't looking. Lots of people said I should report it, but to whom should I report it. Every embassey I've ever been in, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, are filled with Democrats. And Johnny is very likely right..the ballot senders are dems.
    Blessings from Costa Rica

  17. Your honey is a smart man -- I think he's right, too! When we were stationed in Japan, those voting by absentee ballots were allowed a grace period; I don't remember how long it was, though. So, there is still a chance your ballot will come in and you can mail it back in time -- I hope for your sake that it comes in soon! Oh, well. The Lord knows your hearts *sigh*

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I would be very upset if I could not vote. But as a Texan, I will tell you this is definitely a McCain/Palin house. My husband bought a bumper sticker for me which reads: Got Moose

    I pray each time you cross people's path, they hear the words of Jesus come out of your mouth.

    Blessings, Annette

  19. I wouldn't be happy either.

  20. Sounds fishy, Tori. Ya think someone hindered the absentee ballots from arriving on time? Would be worth their time and effort, because think about it, who is overseas besides MILITARY and CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES? And how do those two groups vote?

    I'm just kidding, but, Hmmmm....

    All kidding aside, there is one thing you can do that is more powerful than a vote, and that is to pray. I know you are already doing that. I'm with you!

  21. We all received our Florida absentee ballots weeks ago. My son in law just received his from NH with no possible way to get it there.
    I have been voting from over seas for over 20 years and this year it seems an awful lot of ex pats are having this problem.

  22. Thanks for featuring my blog on yours! I'm honored.

  23. I dont think its just a problem with being out of the country. I was talking with an elderly lady from our church yesterday and she said that her absentee ballet never came to her either! so now she has to get out on election day and vote... Since we live in a completly democratic state... I have a guess as to what happened. How SAD!

  24. Totally frustrating!!!
    Yes, that is good that at least your state is pretty safe, but it so does feel good to get your individual voice heard...and truly, it's seeming like every vote counts this election.

    God bless you for trying...and come over and see the video I posted if you can.


  25. I would be mad too! And after reading your comments from other missionaries having the same problem--it makes me REALLY mad. : /


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