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Vintage Night Dress

Hey y'all, guess what I've been up to other than no-good!
While in Alabama on furlough I came across a Hancock Fabrics and decided to take a look around. Little did I know going in that they were having their 99 cent pattern sale. Every pattern in the store was only 99 cents. I went nuts and bought a few. This is one of my 99 cent sweeties and I'm glad I got it. It's very difficult to find night gowns here and since we only wear dresses to bed also it's kinda a necessity. Anyhoo, I found some of the cutest, vintage looking material at the facotry the other day and thought about this pattern.
So this is what I came up with. It's obviously not really vintage but it looks kinda vintage to me.
Actually I made some adjustments to the pattern. The sleeves were super wide so I made a box-pleat from the bottom of the sleeve up about 5 inches. After adding the bias tape to the wrist area I took some of the bias tape and made a small bow for the top of the box-pleat. I think it turned out nicely and it looks so old.
If you havn't noticed I went nuts with the bias tape. Actually I got out my Clover bias tape makers and made all the tape for the dress. I bias taped the neck, arm holes, and hem too. I love it!
Oh yea and I added a little detail with this fun appliqued heart at the bottom. It really does feel like a homemade vintage night dress, I think I want one now!
Anyhow, this is my attempt at Vintage wear, I love it and Hannah does too.


  1. I am so jealous! I say that every time you post your creations...

  2. Tori,
    You're so creatives to make little changes to each pattern that you make, making it even better than it would have originally! This is adorable!

  3. Oh that looks so comfy! I have the hardest time finding modest nightgowns for my girls that don't cost an arm and a leg....I need to learn to sew them.

    Great job!

  4. Super job! Looks very beautiful.

  5. It is very beautiful. You did an awesome job!!! :)

  6. VERY cute, Tori! And what a sweet little model :o)

  7. Girl, when are you going to go into business, so the ladies who can't sew (*ahem* like ME!) can order from you! What a great new way to support missionaries on the field, right? ;o) LOL

    I love the pic of Hannah, too; so sweet and innocent. Just beautiful :o)

  8. VERY cute and vintage! I WANT ONE TOO :P I am sick of sleeping my "bed skirts" but finding a night gown... oye!

  9. That turned out great! It really does look vintage. I love the dots with the floral. Very cute! Hannah looks thrilled to be having her picture taken in her jammers, doesn't she? LOL


  10. How cute! Everything you make is great. I agree with Arlene - I wish I could sew.
    Tammy in Missouri

  11. There you go again. You always amaze me.

  12. It looks just like a gown I wore as a child!!

    I want one too, but make mine flannel as winter is coming on here in Ohio and I get cold!

    (I've switched to just nightgowns recently too! I was Southern Baptist for many years but now I am a member of an IFB Church and have learned what THE BIBLE says about feminine dress and I thought is was important enough to change my bedclothes too!)

    I quit blogging for a bit, but now I'm back and back on the KJV blogroll, that is where I found ya!

    Have a blessed day!☺

  13. Very sweet. I like the box pleats...and oh the bias tape! I do that kind of thing on whatever I make, too. Anything that makes it all MY creation is fun.

  14. That is just precious, and so is your daughter who is wearing it!!

  15. The gown turned out very nicely. I agree, it looks quite vintage, especially with all of the lovely details you added.

    Tori, I'm so glad that you "found" me again. I'd lost track of you, too, sometime when you were home on furlough. I was so happy to see your smiling face on the avatar with your comment this morning!

  16. Great job! I love the close up pictures you posted of the gown.

    Off the topic, I wanted to thank you for having that Good Person Test on your blog. I used it the other week on my MT forum....if you have time to check out my blog to read the story.


  17. did a great job on this nightgown! I love the simple style...and the great vintage looking fabrics you found! Really beautiful!

  18. So cute--you should check out Wild Things on My Spot (you can download the free program and make tons of cute stuff with your given measurements), and I have vintage pattern links, too.

    I love old patterns--they are so stylish.

    Actually, I accidentally left two "ebay buy it now pages" open on my computer when Sabrina was 2 1/2 and starting to "surf" the internet=) and she bought them bBOTH while I was out of the room. At least they were cute! It was hilarious.


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