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Clover Bias Tape Maker Review

Oh I'm so excited to do this review. The Clover Bias Tape makers are awesome and so easy to use. I got out some extra material, cut it on the bias, 45° angle and proceeded by the instructions. I cut the material at 1 and 7/8 inches with the rotary cutter.
Then I took the the pieces and attached them together.

It's important to attach them as shown below. One mistake I made is that I didn't make sure the points were matched exactly and when I ironed out the pieces that were sown together they didn't match. So take care on this step.

I used my little Hannah's hands for photo purposes. Clover really has made this whole thing very simple. I used a strait pin to attach the end of the material to one end of the ironing board and then as I pulled the makers I followed with the iron. Out of a meter of matieral I ended up with about 12 yards of 1" bias tape for a little more than $8, including the amount I paid for the bias tape maker. Pretty good deal.
BTW, If you sign up for the Joann e-mail list they'll send you some great coupons like these. You can get your Clover Bias Tape Makers for almost nothing. Oh yea and one more thing, they have fusable bias tape makers too. Oh boy!!


  1. Looks very simple! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see how you use the bias tape ;)

  2. Hey, Me too! I have one of those neat gadgets, but haven't been using it for a long while.

    My dh is at CC Southwest / Norris Seminary tonight and tomorrow as our home pastor is there. He said he met a graduate that is on his way to your country! I suspect you might know him. Holcomb??

  3. Hey Jeri Lynn,
    Yes, brother Holcomb is a dear friend of ours and we're anxiously awaiting his families arrival next year. They have been the answer to our prayers and we're so thankful for them.

    Who is your old Pastor if I can ask?
    I'll try to drop by your blog again, I need another invitation.

  4. You make it look SO easy!

  5. Cool!!! That is a really neat little do-dad.

  6. What a smart lady you are. I didn't even know you could make bias tape youself. Thats how much I know. You sure made it look simple. No telling what I would end of with. connie from Texas

  7. I just wanted to pop in and say hi. I like what I have seen on your blog....I will have to come back later when I have a little more time and read through some of the old posts. We go to an independent baptist church....and are KJB as well. Will definitely be popping in again


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