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The Land of Freedom???

Freedom is the great treasure millions of immigrants came to America to find. The freedom to do what is best for us and ours, the freedom from a demanding government.

Where has that freedom gone?? We are banned from carrying a Bible in the halls of our schools, praying in public is all but illegal and witnessing to a fellow worker is means for dismissal.

While the light bulb isn't religious freedom it's still a step in the wrong direction. It's absolutely ridiculous that we are being told how, when, where and if we are allowed to do what we do.

What's next??

Thanks Theresa for a heads up on this thing. Leave it to a Texas to say it like it is!


  1. LOL!!!! That was so funny. I actually thought he might drop it on purpose.

  2. I agree; this is just craziness! And, all this new "green" living is just showing how our priorities are in the wrong place. I believe we ought to be good stewards of the earth as God has given it to us, but when we put the earth first, it just leads to problems!

  3. Wahoo! Way to go Ted Poe!

  4. Your welcome. I also wanted to add. Those light bulbs are $8+ for 1 bulb.

    I guess I need to start saving money because it is going to cost me about $72+ just to light up my little apartment. Or go back to candles.

  5. I love how Mr. Poe articulated MY thoughts exactly. Too sad Mr. Gore can't be so truthful or articulate on the matter! I'd love to see this video played on all MSM (main stream media)!!!


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