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KJB Companion

It only takes a single generation to make a word archaic...
and a single generation of Bible readers can bring it back into use.
-David W. Daniels

I found this little booklet at a church we visited on deputation over 8 years ago. It's been in my Bible ever since, unless Johnny managed to steal it for a time but I always retrieved it.

I have an Old Scofield Bible that I've had for more than 10 years. I like the Old Scofield but I have realized that Scofield was a Bible corrector. I believe that the words in the KJV Bible are inerrant and perfect, preserved by the Holy Spirit through time for the English speaking world. I don't think Scofield or any other has the right to "make it better". God didn't and doesn't need our help in "fixing" His Book.

I love this little booklet because it is so useful in knowing what those "archaic" words mean. The language in the King James Bible is so much richer than our language today, I love it!

Anyhow, this little booklet is a gem and at .49 cents every King James Bible carrier should have one.

Oh yea and one more thing...there is a free online version of it, every word listed.


  1. I have this too....I love my KJB...and would not switch. It is not about traditionalism. It is about the FACTS, this is a issue we have studied out extensively.
    It can be trusted.
    Thanks Tori.

  2. Why am I having such a hard time sending you an email? My computer is about to find itself homeless!
    I told my MIL we had a lot in common, and she said, "I can't wait to hear what you have in common with a missionary in Croatia!" Well, we found one more thing ;)

  3. Tori,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. You are so sweet. Another thing we have in common is my church supports a Missionary from your sending church, Bro. Guzman to Mexico. I hope to meet you someday when you are home on furlough.
    Check out my blog later, I will be posting a photo of the x-ray showing all the screws in my leg they will be removing(so much to look forword to, LOL).

  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    I have this as well, Tori and it's awesome!! :-)


  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I have this too (although I can't find it right now) and I agree, it's awesome.

    I have an old Scofield (although it's not what I'm currently using) and my husband does too. My husband thinks that if Scofield were alive today he would be King James only, and I agree. Unfortunately, many great men of God from Scofield's era got caught up in the whole 'better and older manuscripts' lie. I know of several well known preachers who didn't become KJ only until the 1980's. They realized their error and changed. I bet Scofield would have too.

    Something else--while I **strongly disagree** with any of his Bible correcting, at least he left it to his notes and left the Bible text alone. He also could have used the RSV for his study Bible yet he didn't. That's part of why I think he would have changed his view later on.

  6. Thanks so much for the link. I've added it to my side bar for now. My own Bible has most of the definitions (I think)

    I love the way the KJV reads!☺

  7. Thanks for the link.

  8. It's scary how many people are trying to change God's Word... but you know what? He has managed to preserve it all this time, and we know He'll continue to do so! Thanks for the link! :)

  9. God didn't and doesn't need our help in "fixing" His Book.

    Amen and Amen!! thats right. I will be taking a look at this little book. Thanks

  10. That sounds like a neat little book, I'll have to try to get one.

  11. Seems like a great resource. I bet my dad owns a copy. I'm going now to get the online copy.
    I found what Cherish the Home said in her comment. I never thought of Schofield in that light, and I do agree with her assumption that he would probably go for the KJV even today.
    One more thing-Do you feel that many folks are not educated about the KJV being the preserved Word Of God for English speaking peoples? There seems to be confusion and controversy about Bibles and translations used for other languages, especially Spanish versions. Have you done any research or study in depth on this topic? I'd love to hear your thoughts as it is something I'm studying out for myself right now.


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