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Weeks of Soul-Winning

Yesterday Johnny headed to the capitol and picked up Bro. Sam Ward from the airport. Bro. Sam is from our home church in Arlington, Tx. and he has an extreme love for soul-winning and sharing the Gospel.

The plan is as follows; he will be here almost 2 full weeks and everyday of that two weeks they have 8 hours of door knocking planned. So we're looking at a good 72 hours of door knocking and sharing the Gospel.

Last time Bro. Sam came, he prayed for 17 souls and 17 souls were saved! This time his number is so large he isn't telling us what it is. He works in the prisons in Texas and has hundreds of inmates praying for this trip. We're so excited to see what the Lord will do over the next two weeks.

Please, please pray for these two weeks. Pray that God will begin now dealing with the hearts of people here in Croatia. Also pray that Bro. Johnny will have full use of the Croatian language as he will be doing all the speaking unless they happen on English speakers. One more thing; Bro. Sam has MD and walks with a cane, 8 hours a day is going to be hard, please ask God to give him strength to endure.

Thanks and I'll be back with good news soon!


  1. Adding my prayers!

  2. Hi Tori!
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    I just said a prayer for your requests.


  3. Tori,
    What a blessing and an encouragement to have someone especially with physical difficulties, come so far to be a help to you. That's got to be such a blessing. When my husband pastored in Georgia, he'd have folks come and stay with us and help him knock doors in the community. It always helps especially when you're discouraged.

  4. Praise God! I'll add this specific prayer request to my list. God bless.

  5. Praise the Lord for souls saved! I'm watching your updates :o)


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