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Happy Memorial Day

As I sat here at my computer this morning I was struck that today was Memorial day. Often in Croatia the US holidays seem to sneak by me. Usually I'm looking back to celebrate but today I was reminded early.

Europe in most part has no idea of the great joy freedom brings. The freedom to worship God as we see fit, to raise our children in peace and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ so freely; how blessed we are.

To not take the moment to say thank you to those who sacrificed for our freedom would be unthinkable.

I Stand Before You

I stand before you all today
But not one eye can see my way

My time arrived, to leave this earth
A fact so planned, to every birth

It happened where I had to go
My torch for life was so aglow

I transferred while in uniform
Protecting freedom, through a storm

Should I resent I died for you
Not on my life, red white and blue

Please help my family through each day
Tell all my friends, try not to stray

And of the country I did love
Do think of me, through God above

Your memories, brought forth this day
Send love to us, who could not stay

©2001Roger J. Robicheau
Former SP5 US Army

Of all the freedoms we are thankful for we must remember there is no freedom to be had outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. True freedom comes from accepting His ultimate sacrifice for all man kind for all time.

And the chief captain answered, With a great sum obtained I this freedom. And Paul said, But I was free born.
Acts 22:28

I know this particular verse isn't talking about wartime freedom or eternal for that matter but this phrase caught my eye. Truely with a great sum we obtained our freedom both here as citizens of the great United States and as citizens of Glory Land!

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  1. This was good and watching your soul winning stats is WONDERFUL........Praise the Lord.


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