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Vinyl Lettering Done Cheap!

Okay so we've all been oohing and awwing all the photos of lettering on the walls. Actually I don't know if you have but I have. We have actually been using these vinyl letters to decorate our church here in Croatia for about 5 years. I'm kicking myself now since they are selling for like $60 a phrase, why didn't I have the initiative to market them? Oh well, things happen.

Anyhow today I made my own little vinyl phrase for our LR. It's super easy and you can save tons of money doing them yourself.

What you'll need is: a printer, vinyl contact paper, scissors and a pencil. Super easy!

1. Find a great phrase or verse.
2. Play around with your phrase in Word or whatever program you have trying different fonts.
3. Print out the letters in the size you want.
**Make sure to set your printer on draft, that'll save ink or toner.
**Also set your margins to the minimum it will let you to maximize the amount of letters you can fit on each page.
**Remember you only need to print one of each letter, your going to use the letters as templates for tracing onto your vinyl.
4. Cut out each printed letter.
5. Trace around each letter on the paper backing on your vinyl contact paper. Make sure to turn the letters backwards so they will be pointed the right way on the front of the contact paper.
5. Cut the letters out of the contact paper.
6. Place on the wall where you would like them.
7. Pat yourself on the back for saving so much money!!
You can make your phrase as elaborate as you want. Check out these links for some great ideas.
1 2 3

Have fun and make sure to let me know if you make one!


  1. Wow, thanks for the great idea! I have loved the look of quotes/verses on the wall, but they were soo expensive! I can do this! :)

  2. Oh, I love that idea! Thanks for sharing (and for sharing the links, too).

    Yes, by the way, Ally was holding a Teaching Textbook. It's all we'll use for high school. ;o) (unless the Lord leads otherwise, of course)

    ~ Christina

  3. looks great! You are so creative..

    I wanted to let you know that my address changed.... SO your link on the sidebar wont work.. the new address is...

    Thanks ~Kristy JO

  4. Tori,
    They look so good...what a great touch.

  5. Hey, thanks for coming to visit - I just love having new visitors. I suspect you came over from Jungle Mom??

    I got a kick out of your post about making a quilt - I'm sure I'd be the same way. I love quilts. I used to sew everything my daughter and I wore, but quilting just seems like WAY too much work!

    Please come back any time.

  6. What a great idea! I've seen the lettering for the walls, but never even thought of making my own.

  7. Ooh..I really like that saying. :0) What a wonderful idea and it sounds so easy!
    We got more snow today, I'm sure Arlington was nice and white too!

  8. You did a great job! Thank you for the frugal way of making them!!

  9. Neato! Thanks for the idea!

  10. That's a really good idea, and it looks really good! I might have to try that. I have a spot in my kitchen that needs something, and I'd like to put Job 23:12b (I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.).

  11. Awesome idea!!! Im going to try it!!

    Ive added your blog as one of my favorites on my bloglines.

    Thanks for sharing this idea!!!

    Candy :)

  12. hey-I saw this off of tipjunkie-where do you get the vinyl paper from?

  13. Colette,
    I live in Europe but you should be able to get the paper in the states too. It's a contact paper, like grandma used to use in the cabinets. Any sticky back paper will work, I would check out the craft stores and then maybe a hardware store, that's where we get it.
    Hope you can find it!

  14. Anonymous5:14 PM

    You could also go to a sign shop and ask them for your phrase in ready to apply...then they will cut the letters any color or font that you want, and they will be ready to pull off with transfer tape and you just stick them would be much cheaper than $60, but would ultimately depend on where you go...

    not as cheap, but easy if you're not crafty!

  15. Anonymous7:55 AM

    maybe this is a stupid question, but do you have to get colored contact paper? where do you get that?

  16. Anonymous4:21 PM

    My mother-in-law made a phrase for her kitchen. She used a Cricut to cut out the letters then used a Xeron machine to put on the adhesive. It turned out great!

  17. I am hoping to do this in my laundry room. If I like the way it turns out, Im sure I will be doing this again. Did you use black contact paper? I wonder how hard it is to find colored paper? I am so excited, but now I need to find the paper! Thanks for the tip, Tori!

  18. Well, i started with a small project in my laundry room and love the finished product. I don't care so much for the tediousness (is that even a word) of printing, cutting, copying and cutting again, but the end result is great! Thanks for the tip!

  19. Anonymous5:29 AM

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